Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year!!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year, lets hope it's a good one!
2012 here we go. Has anyone set themselves a new years resolution?

Talk to you later

Friday, 30 December 2011

What should I knit with it?

I have been looking for some 4 ply out of my stash, which isn't alot, and I found a few balls, but I have no idea what I should knit with it, has anyone got any suggestions about what I could make with these odds and ends?

Talk to you later

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Hasn't this year gone so fast? well it has for me anyway, I can't believe it is Christmas again.
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, I wish everyone the best for 2012.
I hope you all do well with you new years resolutions, once again Merry Christmas.

Talk to you later

Friday, 16 December 2011

A quick update on what I have been doing

Sorry I have not been posting in a while, I had been quite busy with Christmas shopping and rapping presents lol. Just to let you know I hadn't finished both jackets, I was half way threw knitting the second one and I found out the little twins were born, but surprisingly, they both turned out to be about 6-1/2 pounds each, which is about an average baby weight ruffly, grrrrr. The first jacket I had already completed would not of fit either of them so I just scrapped the project, I will either knit them something else or just something for me but I don't know what.

My Mum and Dad have agreed to get me the combs and clamps for the chunky ribber for Christmas so I am very thankful for that, I will just wait and see what Christmas day brings lol.
I think tomorrow we are putting up the Christmas tree and decorations which I love doing so I am defiantly taking part in that, I know it is a bit late to be putting up decorations but we have been cleaning and sorting stuff out in the house. Has anyone else got there decorations up yet?

Is anybody after anything particular for Christmas or are you all just looking forward to spending time with your families?

Talk to you later

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Bond Yarn Grabbers

This is a video I made today of the Bond yarn grabbers that I came accross as I was sorting threw my machine knitting box, they are really useful and I don't know why Bond doesn't make these anymore because there doesn't seam to be any problems with them.

If you manage to find some second hand then I would definatly give them a go.

By the way sorry the video isn't brilliant quality, I couldn't find my usual camera so I had to use my phone camera and the tripod doesn't work with that hence the camera being a little shakey because I was holding it, lol. In my opinion this isn't a very good video but hopefully it get's the point across and some of you find this video helpful.

Talk to you later

Saturday, 26 November 2011

An update on what I have been knitting

I forgot to take a picture of the fern lace scarf I made a couple of weeks ago so here it is, what do you think? I think it looks quite good despite it taking a long time to knit i just wish there had been enough yarn to make it a little longer but my mum loves it so I Guss it's irrelevant.

My Nephew's twin cousins are expected to be born in late November/December so I have decided to make them matching baby jackets, I found the pattern for these in one of my machine knitting monthly magazines, the pattern is written for the lk 150 but will work with all mid gauge machines, when I looked at the sizes the smallest size was newborn and that would of been to big so all I did was knit the newborn size on the standard gauge machine, still using the double knit yarn as the pattern suggested. I didn't knit a gauge swatch because I had no hesitation that it would of come out wrong, I don't know why I felt this way I just did lol.
This is what the jacket is supposed to look like, if you are wondering what the pattern is, it is a 2x2 rib style design accept it is garter stitch mixed with stocking stitch, oh it is hard to explain so I hope you get what I mean.This is what mine looks like (bellow) and I am pleased with it, it is a perfect size, I think I will need to steam those font edges because as you can see it wants to keep flipping underneath it's self. I now have to knit the next one which I have started and have knitted up to the armholes, this pattern is very tedious as you have to reform two stitches one row down then skip two stitches all across the row, using the latch tool every two rows. It is extremely time consuming but to be honest I think it is worth the effort in the end, it must of taken me about four days to complete this jacket, where as if it was just plain it could have taken me just a day.

If you are wondering what the £10 note underneath it is for, it is to give you an idea of how small this jacket really is, WOW........ (It's really hard to knit something for someone who isn't even here yet!! lol)

Talk to you later


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It is finally finished!!

I am sorry I haven't done a post for a little while I had been meaning to finish that tuck stitch pullover that I was knitting for my self, I had been putting it off as I have been making some more Christmas projects. This sweater was starting to turn into a UFO I don't know why I didn't just finish that last side seam last week, I am terrible for starting something, half sewing it up and then starting something else, lol never mind, it is finished now and that is all that matters, hear it is.

I am glad I picked it up this evening and just got on with it and finished it, now I can start knitting my next progect but I am not sure what, I might just continue with my christmas knits for now, I made this beautiful furn lace scarf the other day on the lk 150, I shall post a photo tomorrow.

Talk to you later

Friday, 4 November 2011

It's here!! I can't wait to start 'ribbing' on it!

Yesterday I received my knitmaster SR 155 ribber and I have to say it was absolutely disgusting when I tuck it out the box, it was full of fluff and some surface rust. The ribber was waiting for me when I got home from college yesterday, I was really hyper and couldn't wait to open it, once I removed all the packaging it looked in good condition, the only thing really was all the fluff, the surface rust is on the front where the needles come out, I smoothed it down with some WD-40 and it isn't ruff at all anymore despite it looking so, to be honest thinking about it now I think it might be where the metal has pealed off as I am assuming these machines are metal plated? this will of probably of happened because of where it was stored in the past. Other than that the ribber is fine I cleaned it all up and now it is fit for use, the needles and carriage run very smoothly and surprisingly the sponge bar has plenty of life left in it. Here are some pictures as promised.

The ribber is just inserted into the machine it isn't secured down to by clamps this is just for photo purposes lol, it looks so weird with a ribber attached to this machine lol.

I managed to find four large and the two small ribber weights in one of my knitting box's I had these from one of my standard gauge ribbers form a couple of years ago. The chunky double eye transfer tool came with the machine, I actually found this inside the ribber needle bed it's self, when I brought all the needles out to D to check them it was jammed at the left hand side inside the bed preventing the four end needles from coming out so I managed to remove it, that is something else I can cross off the spares list.

This is the surface rust/oxidisation it isn't that bad I don't suppose, I would rather it not be there but it isn't causing any problems with the ribber so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Not too bad for the price I paid, so when I get my combs and clamps I can finally do away with those tedious latched up ribs, I have an English rib sweater in mind for sometime in the future. Oh just before I end this post I have nearlly finished the tuck pullover for myself, it is all sewn up apart form one side seam, then I need to weave in the ends, I will post a picture in a day or two, that's all for now.

Talk to you later

Monday, 31 October 2011

Patience is a virtue, I suppose

Two years ago I bought a knitmaster 155 for £50 off eBay and since then I have been searching for the SR 155 ribber that goes along with it, I did bid on several ribbers for it in the past but unfortunately I had no luck.

Last week I found another SR 155 on eBay, it was the only one on, as those 155 chunky ribbers are very rare to come up on eBay. I watched the ribber intensely for the five days it was listed for, it was killing me, lol I am so inpatient.
I bidded on it as soon as I found the auction, amongst other mad eBayers wanting the blinding thing I won it with £2 to spare from my maximum bid, I felt like dancing around the living room when it said "you have won", it did go up a little more than I wanted to pay (TWICE THE PRICE) but I was determined I was having it.

Okay Alex don't get to excited just yet, this is going to sound terribly silly but all that is included is the ribber bed, racking handle, ribber carriage and ribber sinker plate, the main part's that make it work, in my opinion. The weights, Combs and ribber clamps are missing, I don't really mind to much they can come later and are fairly easy to get hold of, as long as I have the ribber I really don't mind.

I will be posting pictures when it arrives, and after I have cleaned it up because it has a lot of fluff build up which was easily shown in the picture. The ribber is in good condition also.

Happy Halloween

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tuck stitch pullover

I wanted to make a sleeveless pullover with a V neck so I looked through the patterns I had for the mid gauge machine and there were a couple of sleeveless V neck pullovers but they were in stocking stitch and I wanted to do it in tuck stitch so I got out my lk 150 instruction book and looked for the how to make a tension swatch, I made a tension swatch in a tuck pattern that I just made up on the fly. I designed the pattern using knitware and so far I have knitted the back and the front, I have put the ribbing on the back but I still need to put the rib on the front so I will do that this afternoon.

So here is the completed back.

And here is the front, I thought the neck looked way to big but then I though, the the rib needs to be knitted around it so that will fill up some of the space but we'll see.

I almost forgot here is a close up of the tuck pattern, the advantage to hand manipulated tuck stitch is that you can position it where ever you want, meaning that you can choose not to have the tucks going all the way to the edge therefore it is easier to sew up. the disadvantage is it takes longer because you have to keep stopping to select the needles.

Talk to you later

Friday, 28 October 2011

Knitting for the holidays, already!

well yes, I like to start my Christmas knitting early to give me time to knit things for everybody, yes I know, I know we haven't even got Halloween out of the way yet but I love to get my Christmas knits started in late October lol, I don't know about you but I love to knit even more in the winter months, sat inside with the fire on keeping me nice and toasty warm, whipping up a few scarves on the machine while watching it snow outside, well when it does snow! or maybe it is just me, lol.

The other day I set the Bond up and knitted a scarf and mittens using Diana's USM Goldilocks challenge videos which by the way Diana, beautiful projects. I used a chenille yarn on keyplate 2.5 for the scarf but there wasn't enough to do the mittens as well, unfortunately, so I knitted the mittens using an acylic aran/worsted weight

Here they are, these are for my mum so I hope she doesn't read this post lol.

Talk to you later

Finished finally

So I have got it finished now even down to the little bobble for Santa's hat, what do you think?

Talk to you later

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuck Stitch Variation On Knitmaster/Studio/Silver Reed

Hope that some of you find this video helpful, I decided to film this today because yesterday I was looking through the knitmaster 321 instruction manual and saw that you could mess around with locking the punchcard to create different designs so I tried this today and it worked, I hope I don't sound confusing, I found it hard explaining it at times lol.

Talk to you later

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Santa pullover and another acquisition

I have sewn the jumper up and weaved in most of the ends however there are still a few left to hide, so be expecting a 'finished' post in a few days time.

Remember all that yarn I received from my mum's friends late mother-in-law, gosh that's a tongue twister, lol. Apparently she owned two knitting machines as well, somehow my name got mentioned again, and was asked if I was interested in one of them (somebody else wanted the other one) I said yes, of course, lol. I said to the lady, how much do you want for it? she replied oh don't worry about it you can have it. I was amazed that she wanted nothing for it because it would of been at least £400 at the time it was purchased.

It is a knitmaster 326, it has a punchcard mechanism, built in kr6 knit radar, built in row counter and built in accessory tray as well as an external accessory box with all it's accecories in it, this machine was probably the predecessor of the knitmaster 360 because the 326 can do everything the 360 can including single motif with the magic cams, not sure about the lace carriage though?

I have spent most of the afternoon cleaning this machine up because it was filthy! and I mean filthy, this 326 has probably not been used for a number of years as the memory drum's on the carriage where practically ceased up, I took all the plastic of the top of the carriage revealing the memory drum's and give them a few long zaps of WD-40 and then ran the carriage along the bed a few times and they are completely free and loose now thankfully.

The needles weren't much better, the latches were sticking and the needles were just dirty in general so I removed every single one from the bed, pooped them in a bucket and socked them with WD-40, shuck them about a bit then rinsed them off with clean water, I put the needles back in the machine and they are fully operational now.

That was about all that was wrong with it, the machine does have a bit of UV discolouration but that's nothing really, any way after I remedied those two problems I just gave the machine good clean and now it it ready to knit on, of course it needs a new sponge bar, I don't think I will buy a new one though, I am sure my knitmaster 360 will share it's sponge bar with the 326, lol. I will leave you with some pictures now.

Talk to you later

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Santa Claus sweater

I found a Santa Claus sweater in one of my machine knitting monthly magazines that I have been collecting, it is just a sleeveless pullover with a Santa Claus worked in intarsia on the front, I found all the relevant colours in my stash and so far I have knitted the front and back, I think it looks really good and I am very pleased with how it turned out, considering I only do intarsia once in a blue moon, it is worth the effort but it is so bloody booring lol.

This is what the sweater is supposed to look like. This is what mine looks like, only thing that is different is the colour of the rib, I did mine in navy blue because I didn't have enough red, it was a part used ball.

I could almost cry with all these strings hanging I will have to find places to weave them all in lol we'll get there hopefully, I have already closed up some of the holes form where I stared a new piece of yarn but I haven't done yet. I will carry on with this and hope to have it finihed sometime soon.

Talk to you later

They are finished

This week I pulled out the side seam that I had sewn on that Icelandic sweater, it looked pucked to me and I didn't really want to bother having another battle with mattress stitch in fair isle so I decided to get out the Hague linker, it blazed threw the sewing up. I weaved in all the ends yesterday and washed it, before putting it in the washer I tried it on and it was a tad bit short for my liking so what I thought I would do was turn the spin speed down to 600rpm, with the jumper being a little more damp this enabled me to stretch the body and leave it lieing flat to dry, surprisingly it worked, that small increase in length means that now it fits me perfectly, I am really pleased with how it turned out, what do you think?

I had a couple of people asking me what was the punchcard I used, well I found it in a book and punched it out, my printer doesn't copy or scan so what I had to do was just put the punchcard on a piece of coloured paper and take a picture of it so I hope this is sufficient.

I also got this sweater finished as well and I think this had turned out very nice as well, I washed this as well and it is nice and the fibres have relaxed a little so it isn't quite as stiff now.

Talk to you later

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Not much progress but it's something

At the beginning of this week I completed the neckband and then started on the sewing up, I have only sewn one side seam which I might end up undoing because it looks a little bit puckered to me. The main reason I haven't done much sewing of the sweater is because that huge stash of yarn was just staring at me and I couldn't resist not knitting anything with it lol, I put my 360 away and setup my lk150 and started knitting a little sweater for my nephew in this slub type yarn in a teal colour.

The machine did struggle knitting the yarn a few times, I had it set on tension 6 and was thinking of changing it to tension 7 but then it would of been a bit loose for my liking where the yarn went thinner in some places so I just turned the tension mast dial up by one number and it knitted a little better.
Here is the jumper, the neck band looks a little weird but never mind, I am not sure if it is because the back neck is shaped instead of the back neck just being straight, I will try and get this finished as soon as possible cause I really want to see it finished.

Talk to you later

Friday, 30 September 2011

A front and sleeve completed

Today since about 3pm I have been knitting away on this jumper almost non stop lol, I have knitted the front and one sleeve so I was quite pleased to make progress because I can't wait to see this jumper all finished. Just a quick question, does anyone think the knit radar is a bit temperamental? or is it me? the only problem I have with it and I don't know if anyone else has the same issue but it tends to give me different directions on the front pattern sheet, compared to what it told me to do on the back, I think the pattern sheets are not very accurate and I do have the scale pushed all the way in and the pattern sheet lined up with both the lines at the top of the paper and the zero on the scale. Does anyone know why sometimes it can give me such a job?
This is what I have knit today anyway.

Talk to you later

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slight update on the sweater and my latest acquisition

Yesterday I knitted the back of the Icelandic jumper, I started the front later on this afternoon however I haven't made much progress on it so far as I had been at college for most of the day as well as opening birthday cards and presents, oh yeah today is my birthday, lol. As you can see all I have knitted today is the mock rib and a start on the fair isle pattern.

My mums friends Mother-in-law has recently died (god rest her soul) and while my mums friend and her husband were clearing out her house they found a huge and I mean huge bin bag of all different types if yarns some vintage and some new, in one of the bags of yarn I found a receipt for two balls of yarn that had been bought from little woods and it was dated 06/01/92 so she must of been collecting all this yarn for some time.

I was lucky to acquire this bundle of yarn so I am definitely going to utilise it as soon as I have finished my current project, we asked the lady who gave me all this if she wanted some money for it and she said don't worry about it, I probably would of only given it to the charity shop and I was instantly astonished, the amount this would probably cost if it was to be eBayed. Here is all the yarn and she also gave me all the complex hand knitting patterns that she used years back so they will be interesting to look threw, I almost feel like Susan with this huge yarn stash, it will keep me knitting though, won't it? lol.

Talk to you later

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Next project started

Yesterday I knitted a tension swatch for the sweater in that blue and beige yarn, I found the punchcard in a book some where and punched it out a while ago probably when I still had the knitmater 700, it was only yesterday I found it in my punchcard stash and decided to use it as I thought it would be a great Christmas sweater as the pattern it's self looks slightly Icelandic in my opinion. I was going to use knitware to knit this jumper but then went against that decision and used the knit radar instead. I have knitted the back so far, what do you think? I hope it doesn't appear too vintage looking or something an old man would ware but I like it anyway, lol.

Talk to you later

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finished but what am I like!

I finally have this jumper finished, after what I said in my last post "I hope to get this sweater finished in the next couple of days" famous last words ayyy lol.
I had been sewing it up very slowly because I have been playing around with the knitmaster 360 for most of the week lol, it is wonderful, standard gauge machines are so much more versatile than mid gauge/chunky machines. Here is the sweater anyway.

I have been doing some more lace, I adore that Lc2 lace carriage as it produces wonderful lace without even looking, well always keep an eye out for those odd stitches that decide to jump off the needles, what do you think anyway? I knitted the plain and fashion lace, thanks to Susan's Video I knew I had it all set up correctly so thank you very much for that video Susan it was much appreciated. I wanted to do the motif lace but I don't have the motif punchcard out of the lace card set, mine is messing for some reason.

I had a go at knitting a sock in tuck stitch, it was the first time I knitted a sock in a pattern so I don't know if I was doing it right or not but I think it turned out ok.
I wasn't even going to attempt knitting the heal and toe in tuck stitch because of all the yarn strands across the needles, I just knitted them in plain stocking stitch, I couldn't of done the heal and toe in tuck stitch anyway because when you knit tuck stitch the pattern shows on the purl side so the strands from the short rowing would show on what would be the right side, the purl side, even if I did the heal and toe in stocking stitch it would still show the short row strands on the tuck stitch purl side.
What I did was, I took it off on waste yarn and turned it around so the knit side was facing and then I re hung it and knitted the heal, after knitting the heal I took it off on waste yarn again and flipped it over so the purl side was facing me and then re hung that and carried on with the tuck pattern. I did knit the 1x1 rib with the latch tool - grrrr lol. I won't be making the other sock because I didn't have enough yarn to do so but it is defiantly a warm sock for the winter months especially when it is knitted in double knit which by the way is what thickness of yarn I used for this sock.
I am sorry it is a long post but I have been naughty and havn't been updating you on what I have knit, haha.

Talk to you later

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Almost finished

I have nearly completed this sweater I have the neckband done it just needs to be sewn down to make the V shape, all the raglan seams are sewn and the sleeve seams are also sewn. I just need to sew up the two side seams and then sew in all the loose ends and it's finished. I will post a picture of the finished jumper.

Talk to you later

Thursday, 15 September 2011

slip stich sweater update

Sorry it is taking a while but I have been so busy now I am at college, I have managed to get all The four garment pieces knitted and if I didn't say in my last post this is going to be a V neck. When I said I have been quite busy I am fibbing a little, the truth is I was lagging a bit when I first started the jumper because I felt the pattern wasn't showing up to well, I don't know if any of you thought the same?

I was going to use a different punch card but decide that I would just go ahead and carry on with the jumper, so Here is what I have knitted, I am sorry for the bad lighting but I think you can see the pattern a little. I am hoping to have this finished within the next few days so I can start my next project with that beige and navy yarn.

Talk to you later

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A tention swatch

I have decided what I am going to make, I am making a raglan V neck sweater in slip stitch, just card number 18 out of the basic set. I have designed the knitware pattern for a 22 inch chest and I am going to make a start on it today, I have the rest of the week off so I should get it done, we hope lol I will post updates as and when they happen.

Talk to you later

Finished it, but could have been sooner

I was hoping to get this jumper finished by monday but at about 10:30 sunday night I had only got the one sleeve set in and two side seams sewn, and as I had college the following morning I didn't want to carry on sewing it up any later so I turned in and thought I will just carry on with it tommorow.

The next day I got home from college at around 5:45 it was because of those busses lol they take ages sometimes but ahh well, when I got home I wanted to carry on with the sewing but I was just to tired so I had my tea/dinner went on my laptop for a bit and then went to bed. It was only last night when I got home from college that I had the energy to finish it and I did I also washed and dried it before taking the picture so here is the sweater anyway and I think it looks so cute.

This is what I have got left on the cone after knitting the sweater, what do you think? do you reckon there will be enough to knit another sweater in a different tuck pattern or something? if i did make another I might do raglan sleeves, actually slip stitch might be nice also, I might use the knitradar again or I might use knitware not sure yet. I would be happy to listen to any ideas you might have.
Talk to you later

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tuck sweater update

I have been knitting away today getting all the pieces for the sweater finished, which I have and I think it will look so cute when it is all sewn up, despite my little argument with the knit radar when I first started this project it has gone really fast, you seam to get the garment knitted so much faster when using a knit radar pattern because you don't have to keep reading a pattern you just watch the garment outline as you knit.
Here they are anyway, I hope I can get the jumper finished before I go to college on Monday but we'll see.

Talk to you later


Friday, 2 September 2011

It hasn't been that long for goodness sake

I am making progress on the tuck stitch sweater, all I got knitted today was the back Because I had to re knit it as the shaping wasn't the same on the front as it was for the back, I didn't think that I had forgotten how to use a knit radar before starting this sweater but it turns out I was a bit ruff around the edges, when it came to the shaping, I inserted the pattern paper and the scale, set the row dial no problem and knitted up to the armholes, however when I got into the decreases I had forgotten how to read the stitch scale properly hence why I re kitted the back, I pulled out the first back and got out my knit radar instructions to recap when I started reading about the decreases and increases it started to come back to me, I knitted a second back with no problems.

I mean it had only been 2 years since I used the built in kr7 on the knitmaster 700 I didn't think that you could forget something like that, I mean really, the radar isn't complicated!

Anyway after my little lesson of recapping on how to read the stitch scale properly here is the back I knitted today I hope to have the front done tomorrow along with either one or two sleeves completed.

Talk to you later

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The sponge bar at last

The sponge bar arrived today, I was quite excited so to speak I have had this 360 for four days without knitting on it lol or maybe it was just me being to impatient.
I fitted the new sponge bar straight away and got knitting on it, I tried some tuck stitch and stocking stitch I was going to try slip stitch and fair isle but then I thought let's see if I can get the LC2 lace carriage to work and what do you know it worked straight away I was so pleased, Susan was absolutely correct, she told me that the sponge bar has to be like brand new for the lace carriage to work properly and since I had just fitted a brand new one there was no reason why it shouldn't!

I started off with the normal lace (the knit and transfer lace) and that worked great no miss-patterning what's so ever, I then tried fashion lace (the yarn comes out of the carriage) it started dropping stitches but no miss-patterning so I thought hmmm maybe adding more weight will help, I hung a few more claw weights and tried it again, the fashion lace worked perfectly, so that is a tip for lace carriage owners - you need slightly more weight when using the lace carriage than normal stocking stitch.
Anyway here is the sample, the wholes in the middle are where the fashion lace went wrong just before I fixed the problem so just try and ignore that.

This is a tuck stitch sample I made as well I will be using this tuck pattern and the blue yarn to knit a round neck pullover for my nephew, I am going to use the knit radar so I will knit a tension swatch later and hope fully take the measurements and start on the sweater tomorrow.
I don't yet have a ribber so I am going to do a mock rib which I think will look just as nice.

Talk to you later

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

setting up the Lk150 knitting machine

I am still waiting for that bloody spongebar for my knitmaster 360 which apparently should be hear by the end of the week, huuurrr I just want to get knitting on it straight away lol anyway I decided I would drag out my lk150 and do some knitting on that, then I thought why not video tape my self setting up the machine just incase people who own one, maybe have not used it and just not sure how to get the machine ready for knitting, here is a video showing how.
I hope some of you find this helpful.

Talk to you later

Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's my 'new' knitmaster 360k

Today as you probably know I have picked up the Knitmaster 360 that I won on eBay yesterday and I have to say I am really pleased with it, I took these pictures prior to cleaning it which I spent most of the afternoon doing as well as traveling for it lol. I had taken the end caps and casing of the machine and gave it a good vacuum out inside but anyway what do you think?

As you can see from the pictures the UV discolouration like described on the listing is only slight but it doesn't bother me as long as it isn't nicotine yellow.
I took out the sponge bar and as you can see it's like a week old bottle of coke, flat as anything you can see at the right hand end what it should be like and what it is like, so that will need to be replaced but apart from that the machine works great, I only tested knitting over a few needles while I had it on the floor but I don't want to risk damaging it until I have a new sponge bar.

I also bought some 4ply yarn from my local yarn shop, I got a 400 gram cone of classic gold 100% acrylic yarn in royal blue and I also bought two bags of the same yarn, elle family knit, it is just in different colours one is in a beige shade and the other is in a navy blue shade, there is 500 grams in the beige and there is 350 grams in the navy, it is 100% courtelle which I think is some type of acrylic yarn? they were on sale and hey who doesn't look in the sale basket when there is one lol.

Talk to you later