Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finished but what am I like!

I finally have this jumper finished, after what I said in my last post "I hope to get this sweater finished in the next couple of days" famous last words ayyy lol.
I had been sewing it up very slowly because I have been playing around with the knitmaster 360 for most of the week lol, it is wonderful, standard gauge machines are so much more versatile than mid gauge/chunky machines. Here is the sweater anyway.

I have been doing some more lace, I adore that Lc2 lace carriage as it produces wonderful lace without even looking, well always keep an eye out for those odd stitches that decide to jump off the needles, what do you think anyway? I knitted the plain and fashion lace, thanks to Susan's Video I knew I had it all set up correctly so thank you very much for that video Susan it was much appreciated. I wanted to do the motif lace but I don't have the motif punchcard out of the lace card set, mine is messing for some reason.

I had a go at knitting a sock in tuck stitch, it was the first time I knitted a sock in a pattern so I don't know if I was doing it right or not but I think it turned out ok.
I wasn't even going to attempt knitting the heal and toe in tuck stitch because of all the yarn strands across the needles, I just knitted them in plain stocking stitch, I couldn't of done the heal and toe in tuck stitch anyway because when you knit tuck stitch the pattern shows on the purl side so the strands from the short rowing would show on what would be the right side, the purl side, even if I did the heal and toe in stocking stitch it would still show the short row strands on the tuck stitch purl side.
What I did was, I took it off on waste yarn and turned it around so the knit side was facing and then I re hung it and knitted the heal, after knitting the heal I took it off on waste yarn again and flipped it over so the purl side was facing me and then re hung that and carried on with the tuck pattern. I did knit the 1x1 rib with the latch tool - grrrr lol. I won't be making the other sock because I didn't have enough yarn to do so but it is defiantly a warm sock for the winter months especially when it is knitted in double knit which by the way is what thickness of yarn I used for this sock.
I am sorry it is a long post but I have been naughty and havn't been updating you on what I have knit, haha.

Talk to you later


  1. Love the sweater. it's so cute. Great job on the sock. I am a million miles away from trying anything like that yet. You could knit the other sock in a different colour. In this day and age it wouldn't be odd to have different coloured socks. Shame to waste all that effort.

  2. Thanks Maureen, I am sure you will finds socks easy they are not to challenging at all really, you just have to fiddle about with claw weights so the stitches don't jump of the needled, lol.
    I may knit the other sock in another colour/color, you are absoulutely right people do like to wear odd socks these days for whatever the reason, haha.

  3. Wow the sweater looks great - lovely construction! Nice and neat. Well done Alex! As for the sock good on you! I don't think I would be able to do that I am hopeless with socks. And you managed to get DK to work on the standard gauge! Wow !!!

  4. Thanks Phil, apparently not all DK yarns work on a standard gauge machine this one happens to be quite a finner DK and it knitted perfectly on tention 9.
    Thanks again for the kind words, hope you are doing well with the knitting course.

  5. Phil, I really like the sock. Nice looking, isn't it? I would probably use it as a light house slipper in the interests of warm feet.

    Where's the side seam in the tuck stitch? Did you do sew-as-you-go?

  6. Thanks diana, yes I guss your right more of a house slipper or maybe a bed sock, I not sure if you can see very well but the seam I did down the side seams was a flat seam which I had sewm from the knit side being the type of tuck stitch pattern I chose caused the seam to blend in a little bit on the right side.