Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A tention swatch

I have decided what I am going to make, I am making a raglan V neck sweater in slip stitch, just card number 18 out of the basic set. I have designed the knitware pattern for a 22 inch chest and I am going to make a start on it today, I have the rest of the week off so I should get it done, we hope lol I will post updates as and when they happen.

Talk to you later


  1. oh stop it, giving me all these ideas! Another thing I have to try some time is slip stitch but seeing this it will be soon I hope.

  2. slip stich is very similar to fair isle but it is just knitted in one colour, again just as easy as tuck and fair isle, I wasn't that impressed with this pattern because you cann't really see it very well, I think it is the pattern and or the yarn colour but never mind I have started it now, the function is to keep my little nephew warm in the winter time.