Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's my 'new' knitmaster 360k

Today as you probably know I have picked up the Knitmaster 360 that I won on eBay yesterday and I have to say I am really pleased with it, I took these pictures prior to cleaning it which I spent most of the afternoon doing as well as traveling for it lol. I had taken the end caps and casing of the machine and gave it a good vacuum out inside but anyway what do you think?

As you can see from the pictures the UV discolouration like described on the listing is only slight but it doesn't bother me as long as it isn't nicotine yellow.
I took out the sponge bar and as you can see it's like a week old bottle of coke, flat as anything you can see at the right hand end what it should be like and what it is like, so that will need to be replaced but apart from that the machine works great, I only tested knitting over a few needles while I had it on the floor but I don't want to risk damaging it until I have a new sponge bar.

I also bought some 4ply yarn from my local yarn shop, I got a 400 gram cone of classic gold 100% acrylic yarn in royal blue and I also bought two bags of the same yarn, elle family knit, it is just in different colours one is in a beige shade and the other is in a navy blue shade, there is 500 grams in the beige and there is 350 grams in the navy, it is 100% courtelle which I think is some type of acrylic yarn? they were on sale and hey who doesn't look in the sale basket when there is one lol.

Talk to you later


  1. What a great little gem you have got there Alex!
    These are great little workhorses.
    Search out Sunny Choi on ebay he sells just the foam/sponge bar rolls to refurbish your old spongebar :)

    *hugs* Heather x

  2. It looks fab Alex - so chuffed you have got another standard again. Are you meaning the only discolouration is the bit on the left end cap? Thats the only bit i can see, everything else looks white! If it was bugging you that much you could always get in touch with Metropolitan and ask if they can order in an end cap for it? Thats what I did with my 155. Then the whole machine would be white!!!

  3. Thanks Heather I did see the buy it now listing for just the sponge and was going to order it as it was only £9;50 I think but i read that it would take 15-25 days to get here and I thought I am not waiting that long lol so I orderd a whole new sponge bar from HKC on ebay yesterday for about £14.50 so ahh well I would of gone for just the sponge but I didn't wat to have to wait that long.

    Thanks phil I am so glad I got this one it was the only white one on ebay it is a shame though that that left end cap spoils it which is yellow but I may buy a new end cap later on but as long as it isn't broken, at the moment it doesn't bother me but at some point I might get a new end cap.
    btw I looked at metropolitain yesterday for spongebars and they sell quite a lot of machine accessories don't they I was quite supprised.

  4. Wonder why only the left end cap is yellow? Must have been exposed when the rest was covered. I keep my machine covered all the time when not using it and also close the curtains in the room where it is to hopefully avoid discoloration. It was immaculately white when I got it and the ribber too except one streak on the handle that you insert underneath on the left side (whose name eludes me right now!. If I stop using it I will repackage it in the boxes until I need it again but right now I am so enthralled with it so it remains set up.

  5. You know maureen I was thinking the same thing why only one end cap was yellow but the only think I can think of is that when it has been stored away one end has been stood up on the floor and the other was exposed to the natiral sunlight, I hate UV discolouration it just makes the machine look old and dirty so I like to keep my machines white so I do put my machines away or cover them up when I am not using them.
    btw I think you mean the racking handle for the ribber?

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog Alex.
    Congratulations on you machine. You're going to love it. I'll have to stop back to see what you've made with it.

  7. Thanks Monique, I have had a similar machine to this before, the knitmaster 700 however I never made much with it so I will definatly will be making projects with this one, I already have ideas lol.
    btw I followed your blog so I din't loose it.

  8. Lovely item you have there Alex. The 360 was produced from 1980 and the 700 from 1985. I have both machines but mine are pretty yellow. I have not used the 700 at all as it was given to me and then stored in the loft. The 360 has had a bit of use but then I also stored it when I moved, now I have gotten it out for using and found one of the side-racks had disintegrated. Ordered some from Sunny Choi.

  9. hi
    I sell sponge replacement kits for knitmasters for less than £10 for 2 sponges :)

    thanks Xena

  10. Hi Alex,I bought a machine like yours. I can do the plain knits no problem but I am having a terrble time with the punch cards. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I got a lot of punch cards with the machine and now I am confused. Maybe its an age thing. Im 62

  11. Hi Alex - looks a fine machine, re the yellow colour - its hard to prevent it, my machines all started out white and when I have worked on them I store them away (my knitting shed is shielded from natural light), but most still turned this nicotine yellow - I blame heat and humidity rather than sunlight. Re the Knitmaster 700, I have just taken this one out for a run and OK so it aint a pretty machine but its a great workhorse, I am writing a little piece about this model for my website and re spongebars, I use draught excluder for all my machines - it works well.


    1. Maggi

      I have just acquired a double bed Orion complete with Instruction Book
      I see from your museum page you do not have one

      Would you like a copy of it ?

      If so may I have your E Mail address

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  13. Wow, Maggi! I am impressed with your ingenuity in regards to the sponge bar. I'm usually clever at coming up with a good jury rig in a pinch, but never would've thought of that one! Putting it on my shopping list right now.


    Congrats Alex! Impressive find. It's so thrilling to snatch up a bargain, isn't it? And these machines are amazing. My sis hand-knits all the time. I simply don't have the patience. I'm a painter and jewelry smith as well, so the last thing I want to do is take weeks (part time) to finish a knitting project. I'm saving up for a linker!

    Happy knitting All,