Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sorry Everyone For My Long Absence!

I am deeply sorry for being offline for a while, my computer finally gave up the ghost and was without one for some time, I have a new one now so with hope should be posting regularly.
I have not done any knitting at all, oh, I tell a lie, I set the Knitmaster 155 up with the ribber to see how the new clamps worked that I got from my sister for Christmas.
The ribber works flawlessly and I managed to sit there for a couple of hours making a few different types of ribs. I need to get a short chunky ribber comb as I only have the full 110 needle comb which is a bit cumbersome when making smaller samples or projects.

As for the hand knit baby jacket and the tuck pullover for my nephew Oskar, they have not been continued with for some time. I need to sew in the last sleeve and sew up the side seam on the tuck pullover and I need to knit, well, a lot on the hand knit baby jacket!! I had given up with it before Halloween which I promised myself I wouldn't!! Hopefully I can continue with that too (famous last words)

Talk to you later,