Sunday, 10 June 2012

RT-1 Rib Transfer Carriage Demo

Hope some of you find this video helpful, couln't find the tripod so I apologise for the shakey camera.

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Knitmaster Is Up And Ready To Go!

I just saw Diana's video on the reversible fisherman's rib baby blanket, I adore it, it will be good to cover my legs in the winter when watching TV or maybe even for the little one.
I have a cone of pale green 4 ply that I am going to knit it with, there is more than enough.
Diana makes it on her chunky machine but it will work out fine on the standard, I am sure I am going to use all 200 needles for this and I may also put my own edging around it but I am not sure, does it really need it?
also because this pattern is half fisherman's rib and full fisherman's rib how am I supposed to knit it on my Knitmaster 155 if I came around to doing so? The knitmaster 155 will only allow you to tuck on the ribber? I think. would it still be doable?

Talk to you later,

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Time For A New Colour And Layout, Don't You Think?

I am going to be having a play around with different backgrounds and text colours here on my blog because I think it is about time for a new colour, I am getting bored of the constant blue, lol.
So if you click on my blog and you see different colours popping up then that is why.
I am also putting in some "gadgets" because I notice some of the other blogs I follow have some links and verious things in the side bar so I decided to give it a go and do that to mine.

Talk to you later,

I Have Been Hiding Again, Haven't I?!

Sorry again I have not been posting for a while, other things have been taking up my time and machine knitting has been fading away and therefore me loosing interest a little bit. Has this ever happened to any of you? Maybe it is just my age, I don't know, but I have missed so much and have been signing on occasionally to check how everything is going and everything has gone so quick, I can't get chance to catch up, but I am trying. I will try and get back on track, because I would hate for my machine knitting hobby to slip away!!

I have also been lacking in inspiration, and yarn to knit big projects, as I like to do sweaters more than little items, lol. As for the UFO's, I have just shoved them back in the cupboard, (admittedly) because I honestly could not be bothered to finish them.
Actually, I think I have enough yarn to make something for my nephew, (I love knitting stuff for him) I might do something in fair isle on the 155 or 360 using knitware, I will have a look threw my stash and see what I have.
I hope I can stay at my blog regularly from now one, but we will see.... Fingers crossed.

Oh, before I leave you, do any of you like this new blogger layout? I am not liking it, it seems difficult to use, but then of course, I am not used to it, so maybe I will get used to it, well, I will have to! Lol.

Talk to you later,