Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

wishing everybody a very merry christmas and a happy new year
I hope you all have a great xmas.

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Update on bear

The bodys finished

The legs (both alike) are made by ewrap casing on
20 stitches and knitting until it is 5 inches long and
then back stitch cast off.
The arms (both alike) are made by ewap casting on
15 stitchs and knitting until it is 3.5 inches long and
then back stitch cast off.
Heres the arms and legs
And when you put all the pieces to gether it looks like this.

when the body is sewn up and stuffed, a small length of the yarn
is tied tightly around the body about 3-4 inches down to produce
the head. (NOTE- the body has not yet been stuffed in this picture)

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I wanted a break

Hi again

Today as a break from finishing that tuck cardigan I decided to start a very simple and I mean simple teddy bear for my nephew it has no shaping at all they are just straight pieces of stocking stitch you start with the body ewrap cast on 20 stitches and knit until it is 20 inches long then do a back stitch cast off, I used the bond with keyplate 3 (Aran) but any chunky machine will do.

Here is the body of the bear in process. please excuse the mess.

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

My snow man

Here's the snow man i made last year it's a bit dodgy i know but I'm not bothered. oh and yes I knitted the scarf on my lk 150. lol

Diana's tam and slippers


This week i saw Diana's latest video on the tam that she knitted on the usm i knitted mine on the bond classic. I quickly finished that it was so easy. Then i looked through her videos and i saw a pattern for slippers on the chunky machine, i couldn't be botherd setting up my 155 again so i made that on the bond too.

Anyway here thay are

Thats the tam knitted on keyplate 2 for rib and keyplate 3 for the triangles

the slippers.

I used keyplate 3 for the main colour and keylate 2.5 for lining which is the purple.
and as you can see like diana said it's a 'slipper inside a slipper'.

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Tuck stitch cardigan on the 155


ok here is something i have been knitting for a week or two now it's a tuck stitch cardigan for my mother knitted on the 155 in some cheap aran acrylic yarn.

I saw Phils's post on his knitmaster 155 that he just recieved and it motivated me into using mine.

I knitted it on tention 7 for the body and tention 6 for the rib which i had to do with the latch tool, OMG.

But anyway here it is

With this cardigan being tuck stitch it has been a pig to sew up. All the peices are knitted so all that is left to do is sew up the seams insert the button band and weave in the ends. It is raglan shaping, For some reason i think that the sleves come up really high pointing in a diagonal
or maybe it's just me. What do you think?

Here's a close up of the tuck pattern. I found it in a machine knitting monthly
magazine for a 24 stitch punchcard so i did half of that to make it fit on a 12 stitch card
for my 155.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

snows hit manchester


At about 7am this morning when I woke up there was snow every where, I meen it is pretty to look at but it's a real pig to go out in.

so any one who hasn't had snow yet get ready, turn your fires up and get your thick wolly jumpers out I meen it it's freezing!!!

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All I want is a brother

hello again

A few weeks ago i sold my knitmaster 700 and ribber on eBay for £130 because i want a brother 890 or 891 punchcard machine.

The only problem is they are to expensive and not all complete and even when a good one comes up on eBay i forget about the auction DAMN! hopefully when it is meant to be i will get one BUT WHENS THAT lol

Anyway I am watching Diana Silvain's Bond videos on the hat and scarf.
So obviously i have got my bond set up and have been knitting some Christmas presents.
They are wonderful projects you should check the videos out.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

First post in ages

Hi again I havn't posted anything in ages, I just havn't got round to it. Im hoping to get some more posts done in the next couple of months and i'm hoping to put some pictures up too, I'll have to get the camera out again i'v got new machines and new sweaters I would like to show you so anyway wish me luck.

Talk later