Monday, 9 April 2012

I Found Some UFO's

Today I was searching threw my cupboards, looking for bags of unfinished sweaters, I found a couple that need finishing. I have got them both out and took photos of them.

This is a two colour fairisle set in sleeve round neck sweater that I started at the begging of 2010, I used 4ply for the main colour (black) and a 3ply for the contrast (red) I used a slightly different thickness for the contrast because that was all I had available in my stash and it seamed to work ok. It was knitted on the knitmaster 700 and the ribs were done using the srp 60 ribber that I had with it at the time, I put this one away when I got into something else and it just got left from there. all that needs doing to it now is the other sleeve sewing in and the neck band seam sewing up.

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern, it was just card number three out of the basic set. As you can see the thinner yarn worked quite well, the stitches are a bit loose in some places but it is ok.

Here is a polo neck drop shoulder sweater that was knitted on the knitmaster 155 in a variegated aran yarn. This one was knitted up previously on the lk 150 but was way to big for me, the tension was out too much and after about a year of not wanting to wear it I pulled it all out and re knit it into what it is now, as you can see all the pieces are knitted but it has not been sewn up, again cause I probably got board of it and wanted to start something else. That polo neck was knitted on the machine, it is a two by two latched up ribbing, it took for ever to do, so tedious!!

Here is a close up of the stocking stitch, not sure how well you can see from the photo but because the previous sweater was left for so long knitted up, when I came to unravel it naturally the yarn was all messy and wavy. I was going to re knit this on the bond but because the tension was only produced by the keyplate I could not get the waviness of the re knitted yarn to look good so I knitted it on the 155 instead. The upper tension unit gave extra tension on the yarn meaning that the knitted up fabric didn't look as bad, and any waviness that is still there has some what been disguised by the variegated yarn.

Talk to you later,