Friday, 2 September 2011

It hasn't been that long for goodness sake

I am making progress on the tuck stitch sweater, all I got knitted today was the back Because I had to re knit it as the shaping wasn't the same on the front as it was for the back, I didn't think that I had forgotten how to use a knit radar before starting this sweater but it turns out I was a bit ruff around the edges, when it came to the shaping, I inserted the pattern paper and the scale, set the row dial no problem and knitted up to the armholes, however when I got into the decreases I had forgotten how to read the stitch scale properly hence why I re kitted the back, I pulled out the first back and got out my knit radar instructions to recap when I started reading about the decreases and increases it started to come back to me, I knitted a second back with no problems.

I mean it had only been 2 years since I used the built in kr7 on the knitmaster 700 I didn't think that you could forget something like that, I mean really, the radar isn't complicated!

Anyway after my little lesson of recapping on how to read the stitch scale properly here is the back I knitted today I hope to have the front done tomorrow along with either one or two sleeves completed.

Talk to you later