Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Bond Yarn Grabbers

This is a video I made today of the Bond yarn grabbers that I came accross as I was sorting threw my machine knitting box, they are really useful and I don't know why Bond doesn't make these anymore because there doesn't seam to be any problems with them.

If you manage to find some second hand then I would definatly give them a go.

By the way sorry the video isn't brilliant quality, I couldn't find my usual camera so I had to use my phone camera and the tripod doesn't work with that hence the camera being a little shakey because I was holding it, lol. In my opinion this isn't a very good video but hopefully it get's the point across and some of you find this video helpful.

Talk to you later


  1. I once bought some of these off ebay but I just couldn't get used to them. I think it was because I was too used to taking up the slack myself- I just couldn't get out of the habit.
    So they went straight back onto ebay.

  2. Neat! I have not seen these before.

  3. My Bond machine is put away because I've not had good success with it. What is the best type of yarn to use on it?