Friday, 21 March 2014

Well, It Has Been A While!

Hello again everyone I am still here, if you haven't forgotten about me, although I couldn't blame you if you had, lol.
I am very busy at the moment with college (still!!) and work. But I have been reading the blogs I follow, I just hadn't been on mine, It is quite difficult as I STILL have no computer, I have been saving, so will hopefully be able to buy one in a month or two.
I got chance to do a bit of knitting today before work, as I noticed Susan had uploaded a couple of videos which were lace patters on the bond. So I got my Bond out today and had a go and here is what I came out with.

Talk to you later,

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pullover Finished

I have finished the English rib pullover that I started last week, I was quite pleased with how it came out, here it is.
 Here is the ribber cast on edge, I thought with it being on the chunky ribber that the ast one edge would be all stretched, but it wasn't, it came out just fine.

I wasn't that happy with how I joined the seam at the bottom of the neck band where it folds over and where the two neckbands join on the center back neck, they look a bit scruffy, but nevermind, I'll get used to that.

 I am however really pleased with the armhole ribbing join.
Talk to you later,

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Front, Back And Neckband Complete

Yesterday I completed the back of this pullover and today I finished the front today and got so carried away that I forgot to take a picture of it and went straight into knitting the neckband!

Here is the back complete.

Here is the front, back and the neck band knitted, sorry I didn't take an individual picture of the front, like I said, I got carried away, lol.

Talk to you later,

Friday, 6 September 2013

Update And Something For Maureen

I have now got all the yarn wound into balls and lots of them! So the Sweater is...No more.

I have just knitted the tension swatch in the Fisherman's/English rib that the Sleeveless V - neck pullover will be made in, I have the Knitware pattern made up now and I shall hopefully be starting it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I think it was, one of my followers, Maureen, asked me a question - Where did you get the pattern for the raglan aran sweater for the Bond? She kindly asked if I would scan it in but I don't have a scanner, well, I tell a lie, I do, but I have no clue on how you set it up, so I took very close up photo's of both pages for the pattern...I can read it ok, but I hope you can and anyone else interested.
If you or anyone are wondering, the pattern is out of the early 80's Bond basic pattern book, and the patterns in it are VERY basic, although, very easy! Hope this helps.

Page 1:
 Page 2:
Page 3:
I do hope you can read them, if not and you need them a bit larger you can click on the photo and it will enlarge, failing that, you can save them to your pictures on your computer and then zoom in and should be nice and clear.
Talk to you later,

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Remember This?

Here is a cabled Sweater that I made about a year ago and I had never been happy with it, the neck was always to wide and the body was never long enough, so I came across it today and I am going to pull it all out and make it into something else. I plan to make a sleeveless pullover in fisherman's rib on the Knitmaster 155 and ribber (obviously) but we'll see. I will post pictures of the yarn when it is all unravelled.

Here is what it looked like before it gets pulled out.

Talk to you later,

Monday, 2 September 2013

Cricketer's Cable Sweater Completed

Today I just finished sewing up the two remaining side seams that I just couldn't be bothered to do last night! After spending a few minutes today doing that and sewing in all the ends, here it is, ready for winter! You could say I like to make things in advance! Haha.

 I love the way this fully fashioned decrease comes out when sew together, I just love the bold diagonal line against the rest of the knitting, I made this fully fashioned decrease by transferring the 4th stitch in from the end onto the 3rd stitch in from the end and then moved all three stitches back in by 1 needle, then get rid of the empty needle.
 Here it is on me, it fits really well, I was just slightly disappointed that the sleeves were a tad bit long as you can see it is bunching up a bit there on my arm, never mind, I am however, impressed with how it came out, overall.
Talk to you later,

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Nearly Finished!

I have been working away at this jumper today, I have sewn up three raglan seams and then knitted the neck band and have sewn it in place, then I have sewn up the last raglan seam.
So all there is to be done now is - I need to sew up the side and sleeve seams and then the neck band seam.
Sorry for the bad picture, it's a little wonky, lol, nevermind.

Talk to you later,