Tuesday, 30 November 2010

snows hit manchester


At about 7am this morning when I woke up there was snow every where, I meen it is pretty to look at but it's a real pig to go out in.

so any one who hasn't had snow yet get ready, turn your fires up and get your thick wolly jumpers out I meen it it's freezing!!!

talk later


All I want is a brother

hello again

A few weeks ago i sold my knitmaster 700 and ribber on eBay for £130 because i want a brother 890 or 891 punchcard machine.

The only problem is they are to expensive and not all complete and even when a good one comes up on eBay i forget about the auction DAMN! hopefully when it is meant to be i will get one BUT WHENS THAT lol

Anyway I am watching Diana Silvain's Bond videos on the hat and scarf.
So obviously i have got my bond set up and have been knitting some Christmas presents.
They are wonderful projects you should check the videos out.