Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Santa pullover and another acquisition

I have sewn the jumper up and weaved in most of the ends however there are still a few left to hide, so be expecting a 'finished' post in a few days time.

Remember all that yarn I received from my mum's friends late mother-in-law, gosh that's a tongue twister, lol. Apparently she owned two knitting machines as well, somehow my name got mentioned again, and was asked if I was interested in one of them (somebody else wanted the other one) I said yes, of course, lol. I said to the lady, how much do you want for it? she replied oh don't worry about it you can have it. I was amazed that she wanted nothing for it because it would of been at least £400 at the time it was purchased.

It is a knitmaster 326, it has a punchcard mechanism, built in kr6 knit radar, built in row counter and built in accessory tray as well as an external accessory box with all it's accecories in it, this machine was probably the predecessor of the knitmaster 360 because the 326 can do everything the 360 can including single motif with the magic cams, not sure about the lace carriage though?

I have spent most of the afternoon cleaning this machine up because it was filthy! and I mean filthy, this 326 has probably not been used for a number of years as the memory drum's on the carriage where practically ceased up, I took all the plastic of the top of the carriage revealing the memory drum's and give them a few long zaps of WD-40 and then ran the carriage along the bed a few times and they are completely free and loose now thankfully.

The needles weren't much better, the latches were sticking and the needles were just dirty in general so I removed every single one from the bed, pooped them in a bucket and socked them with WD-40, shuck them about a bit then rinsed them off with clean water, I put the needles back in the machine and they are fully operational now.

That was about all that was wrong with it, the machine does have a bit of UV discolouration but that's nothing really, any way after I remedied those two problems I just gave the machine good clean and now it it ready to knit on, of course it needs a new sponge bar, I don't think I will buy a new one though, I am sure my knitmaster 360 will share it's sponge bar with the 326, lol. I will leave you with some pictures now.

Talk to you later


  1. How lucky are you? Great acquisition and well worth the time spent on cleaning it up. Looking forward to seeing the Santa top finished.