Friday, 28 October 2011

Knitting for the holidays, already!

well yes, I like to start my Christmas knitting early to give me time to knit things for everybody, yes I know, I know we haven't even got Halloween out of the way yet but I love to get my Christmas knits started in late October lol, I don't know about you but I love to knit even more in the winter months, sat inside with the fire on keeping me nice and toasty warm, whipping up a few scarves on the machine while watching it snow outside, well when it does snow! or maybe it is just me, lol.

The other day I set the Bond up and knitted a scarf and mittens using Diana's USM Goldilocks challenge videos which by the way Diana, beautiful projects. I used a chenille yarn on keyplate 2.5 for the scarf but there wasn't enough to do the mittens as well, unfortunately, so I knitted the mittens using an acylic aran/worsted weight

Here they are, these are for my mum so I hope she doesn't read this post lol.

Talk to you later

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