Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slight update on the sweater and my latest acquisition

Yesterday I knitted the back of the Icelandic jumper, I started the front later on this afternoon however I haven't made much progress on it so far as I had been at college for most of the day as well as opening birthday cards and presents, oh yeah today is my birthday, lol. As you can see all I have knitted today is the mock rib and a start on the fair isle pattern.

My mums friends Mother-in-law has recently died (god rest her soul) and while my mums friend and her husband were clearing out her house they found a huge and I mean huge bin bag of all different types if yarns some vintage and some new, in one of the bags of yarn I found a receipt for two balls of yarn that had been bought from little woods and it was dated 06/01/92 so she must of been collecting all this yarn for some time.

I was lucky to acquire this bundle of yarn so I am definitely going to utilise it as soon as I have finished my current project, we asked the lady who gave me all this if she wanted some money for it and she said don't worry about it, I probably would of only given it to the charity shop and I was instantly astonished, the amount this would probably cost if it was to be eBayed. Here is all the yarn and she also gave me all the complex hand knitting patterns that she used years back so they will be interesting to look threw, I almost feel like Susan with this huge yarn stash, it will keep me knitting though, won't it? lol.

Talk to you later


  1. Oh my gosh thats a lot of yarn! what a great birthday present i suppose! Its good because it will keep you knitting for months to come!

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Alex. Huge stash of yarn. Congrats!

  3. Happy birthday!
    I must admit I once had a stash as big as that. I never did work my way through it all, I put most of it in charity sacks.
    I hope you're going to show us all the lovely things you make with it.

  4. Thanks Phil, I think I will probably be knitting with all this yarn for the rest of my life lol probably not the amount I can knit now with all this lol, the sweaters will be flying off the machine.

    Thanks Maureen, I really wasn't expecting all this when my mums friend said she found a bag of yarn lol.

    Thanks Susan,I remember that video you did of all the yarn you had lol, where did you get it all from initially? and of course I will be showing the items I make with this yarn, that is if I ever get threw it all lol.

  5. That is just awesome Alex. I am so happy for you!! If you like going to yard sales etc. you can get bunches of yarn like that. It is sooo much fun to go thru it & feel the different types of yarn. Have fun!! Sheryl

  6. Thanks Sheryl,I have been to yard sales before and seen some great yarn there is lot's of poor unused yarn isn't there lol.