Friday, 21 January 2011

Bond Ribber

This is the machine I won on eBay last week

 This is the Bond

This is the Bond and ribber
If any one is wondering why I bought another one I dropped the classic on the floor and the hole needle bed cracked so i saw this on eBay and i couldn't resist, it was filthy when I got it and I mean filthy but as you can see it's nice and clean now. (please excuse the mess)
Talk later

Can anybody help

last week I won an action for a bond ribber and when i got it it had plastic pieces in the front of the needle channels and I was just wondering if they are meant to be there or if you are meant to take it out before you start with the ribber.

her's what it looks like

does any body know what it is because I don't.

talk later Alex

Saturday, 15 January 2011

whats next

for my nephew Im going to make this jacket in king cole chunky I found it in a machine knitting monthly mag. My sister has bought the wool for it so I'll be making that first it suppost to be for a chunky machine e.g knitmaster 155 but you need a ribber so I,ll probably do that on the bond ribber.

Funnily enough i found this in the same magazine so I.ll be making this for my other sister she going to provide the wool to but she said she will waite until she next get's paid so that may have towaite a bit this one but heres the pictue for this one.

so what do you think.

talk later Alex

An update

last week I decided to renew the sponge bar in my knitmaster 155, it needed doing for a while now so I got some weather stripping that you put around windows and doors. I stuck that in the metal and put some ribbon on top and slid it back into the machine now it works like a dream.

This evening i won a Bond and ribber of eBay for £43 witch I thought was a reasonable price the only thing I could see was missing was the spacer for the ribber I may be able to make one. But we'll see when it arrives.
The reason I wanted it was because I'm sick of waiting for an sr155 ribber to come up so I saw this and I couldn't resist.

I'm still looking for a brother 891 standard gauge machine but I don't think i'll be bidding on one any time soon but who knows.

I still havn't finished that purple cardigan for my mum I am having trouble sewing it up but I will try and get it finished.