Friday, 4 November 2011

It's here!! I can't wait to start 'ribbing' on it!

Yesterday I received my knitmaster SR 155 ribber and I have to say it was absolutely disgusting when I tuck it out the box, it was full of fluff and some surface rust. The ribber was waiting for me when I got home from college yesterday, I was really hyper and couldn't wait to open it, once I removed all the packaging it looked in good condition, the only thing really was all the fluff, the surface rust is on the front where the needles come out, I smoothed it down with some WD-40 and it isn't ruff at all anymore despite it looking so, to be honest thinking about it now I think it might be where the metal has pealed off as I am assuming these machines are metal plated? this will of probably of happened because of where it was stored in the past. Other than that the ribber is fine I cleaned it all up and now it is fit for use, the needles and carriage run very smoothly and surprisingly the sponge bar has plenty of life left in it. Here are some pictures as promised.

The ribber is just inserted into the machine it isn't secured down to by clamps this is just for photo purposes lol, it looks so weird with a ribber attached to this machine lol.

I managed to find four large and the two small ribber weights in one of my knitting box's I had these from one of my standard gauge ribbers form a couple of years ago. The chunky double eye transfer tool came with the machine, I actually found this inside the ribber needle bed it's self, when I brought all the needles out to D to check them it was jammed at the left hand side inside the bed preventing the four end needles from coming out so I managed to remove it, that is something else I can cross off the spares list.

This is the surface rust/oxidisation it isn't that bad I don't suppose, I would rather it not be there but it isn't causing any problems with the ribber so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Not too bad for the price I paid, so when I get my combs and clamps I can finally do away with those tedious latched up ribs, I have an English rib sweater in mind for sometime in the future. Oh just before I end this post I have nearlly finished the tuck pullover for myself, it is all sewn up apart form one side seam, then I need to weave in the ends, I will post a picture in a day or two, that's all for now.

Talk to you later


  1. Can't really see all of the disgusting stuff from here. From here, it looks beautiful! :-)
    How exciting!

  2. Thanks Monique, I did manage to clean most of it up and it does look at lot cleaner and shiney now. by the way, can't wait to see the stripey sweater you are making finished.

  3. Well done you! Glad you got one in the end :-)

  4. Yeah thanks Phil me two, I just need clamps and combs now, my dad said he could get a metal place to make me some as a favour lol would it to be too much to ask the measurements of the b155 brackets because i think they are different to the standard gauge ones?

  5. hi alex yes they are a bit bigger to the standard gauge ones. What measurements do you want?

  6. I am not to sure actually all of it I guss, can you compare the measurements to the standard ones with the chunky ones, I suppose the overall height, the width of the piece that sit's on the table. the height of the straight part that lift's the machine up abit and the length of the angled bit of the clamp that screws into the underside of the machine, I am probably talking jibberish Lol but any meausements you can get maybe do a blog post with pictures too if that is ok, gosh I am so cheeky.