Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An Upate

I am really sorry it has been exactly a month since my last post I haven't been on the computer much i have just been doing my exams at college and have now left so that is where I have been so sorry about that, before I start I hope everybody is well and I have missed everyone, lol.
The sweater is actually finished well I say finished I still need some buttons, it has been sitting there for about two weeks now waiting for me to sew on some buttons so I'll have to get some in the next couple of days then I will show a picture of the finished sweater.
The other day I found some acrylic double knitting in white, there is about 250 grams of it so I am not sure what to do with that so if anyone has any ideas I will be happy to listen.
That is about it for updates at the moment apart from that everything has remained the same since the last post, so sorry about not having a post for a while.

talk later



  1. I would probably make a sleeveless pullover with the white acrylic and maybe put a couple of cables down the front.

  2. Nice to see you back Alex, I wondered where you got to! Hope the exams went well, now you can sit back and relax, and KNIT!!!

    Looking forward to seeing whatever you make :-)

  3. Thanks susan I shall have a look through my patterns and books and cables sounds good I might knit it on the mid gauge or the Bond I am not sure yet, and yeah phil I can relax now after the exams I have missed knitting for the month I was stuck revising for this hole month of the exams there was about eleven,grrrr lol

  4. yeah it would be really fine for the student s to visit .. thank you..