Friday, 29 July 2011

Jumper RE knited for the ...... time

The other day I told you I pulled out the raglan style sweater because I found that it was becoming difficult to sew up because of the way the floats were forming right up to the edges so I re knitted the front pushing the end 3 needles in hold so they would knit one colour only, however I didn't really like the way that it looked so I pulled the front out that I had just re knitted, grrr.

Yesterday I started knitting the back again after I had pulled out all raglan jumper pieces to bits, including the re knitted front and I made a new knitware pattern with the same gauge obviously but this time in drop shoulder, I knitted the back for that then I was going to start the front, I then noticed there was a small rip in the punch card I instantly thought oh my goodness the back will be miss patterned and my thoughts were correct I had a look at the back and it instantly stood out, it wasn't terrible but I wouldn't of worn it when it was finished.

My thoughts were should I punch out another card the same, repair the card or change the pattern all together, after all that thinking I just got out punchcard no 1 from the basic set and made a new swatch and a new pattern again for drop shoulder, so far I have re knitted the back and front which look ok but we'll see when it is all done.

here they are.

If it goes wrong again I may just give up, I am not one for giving up easily but this sweater may just prove me wrong.

Talk to you later


  1. I have had that happen. Just take a couple of days rest from it, the go back & work on it. I found that if I work on something when I am upset or tired of it, I make one mistake after another. Sheryl

  2. funny you should say that sheryl i do that to when i am upset or tired of it i either knit to many rows, drop stitches or just won't enjoy making it so thanks for the advice. :)

  3. This reminds me of a wool sweater I did quite some time ago for my son.