Friday, 8 July 2011

How I clean my knitting machine needle bed

I don't know if it is just me that vacuums my machine, does anyone else vacuum the knitting machine? this is just a quick video I uploaded on youtube today, I hope you find it useful, it is a very efficient way of cleaning out the fluff and dust. Also you may want to turn down your volume when I turn on the vacuum as it is quite old and loud.

Talk later



  1. I also use the vacuum cleaner, that is when I ever get round to cleaning my machines.

  2. thanks susan I didn't think anyone else had thought of it, lol and I don't clean my machines as often as I should but oh well lol

  3. Not just you. I even use the little computer attachments for the vac to get in the crevices.

  4. lol thats cool I think I have one of those too somewhere so thats a good idea I might try that so thanks