Thursday, 21 July 2011

New project

Today while I was in Hobby craft I had to go to the yarn section as I couldn't help my self and I am sure most knitters couldn't either so I picked up two 400g balls of Hayfeild bonus aran with 20% pure wool for £16 so it wasn't to bad I usually like to get decent yarn for the lowest price I can find and I reckon others do to.
One ball is a cream colour and the other is a chocolate brown colour I shall knit up a tension swatch tomorrow in fair isle as that is what it will be knitted up in, I am making the pattern using knitware and I am knitting it on the knitmaster 155
Anyways here is the balls of yarn

Talk to you later


  1. Beautiful colours Alex, I haven't been to Hobby Craft for a while....time to pay a visit me thinks ;)

    *hugs* Heather x

  2. Thanks Heather, I really liked the colours too, I saw a lighter grey that I was going to put with the brown but then I saw that cream and it was a much better contrasing colour so I picked that one, actually that was the first time I had been to Hobby craft for about 2 months lol so oh well.

  3. Lovely colours Alex, the go really well together. Ive not been to Hobby craft for a while however i dont normally buy yarns from there as i find they are rather over priced compared to a local craft shop that sells a bigger range. I think its hit and miss but you certainly got a nice find there!

  4. yeah you are so right phil everything in hobby craft is over priced thats why i hadn't been there for like 2 months lol that is why I usually buy "bonus" style yarns from there because they are cheaper Unless the better yarns are beeing dis continued and the yarn is on sale. I think I saw a 50 gram ball of sirdar snugly for £2.89 ... :O
    I also have a local yarn shop that I go to quite often which is really nice as they have hanks,cone yarns and skeins of yarn but I sometimes feel they look at you like you are going to steel something but maybe it is cause I am a teenager but not sure, god they seem to tar everyone with the same brush nowerdays. lol

  5. Hi Alex, yes I know what you mean. Its also the case in someplaces they look at you as if you are an alien because your a guy lol It's like yeah dont you know some men knit? haha One time on the market my brother and mum were looking on the wool stall and saw some really nice wool, they asked the lady what kind it was and her answer was "its double knitting, so SHE can knit it up to any double knit pattern" My brother was not impressed with that so he promptly said "what makes you think its a woman? it could just as easily be a man?" She was stunned, didnt know what to say.
    Ive started knitting with more cotton/linen yarns lately - i had been finding the aryclics a bit "wooly" for summer. This linen wool im knitting with at the moment is really nice. Im maing a waistcoat with it and it feels really soft and cool. Its going to be a nice garment I think. Will post a pic soon. :-)

  6. Thanks Phil I thought it was just me that got strange looks but I suppose it is typical stereo types for women to knit even though men invented it or so I heard, if I forgot to say in this post it is for the winter snowy months I have rarely knitted anything for the summer although I remember knitting a 3 ply short sleeve top that I found the pattern in one of the old knitmaster pattern books, back in 2007 I won a big bundle of coned yarn on eBay and there were lots of 1 2 and 3 ply yarns so I used the 3 ply to knit that but I don't know what happed to it I think it went to the charity shop because I had out grown it. obviously the 1 ply is a bit too fine with the standard gauge machine so I put about 4 cones of it together and knitted my mum a zig zag scarf with it "one of Diana’s ribber patterns" I don't know if you saw it.
    I sold my knitmaster 700 and ribber for a brother machine but I changed my mind so I am going to save up for another 700 and ribber lol, I actually still have some of the coned yarn actually there is quite a few cones left enough to make a couple of sweaters any way.
    I can't wait to see the waist coat.

  7. Did you buy a Brother in the end? What type? Im thinking of getting a 900 as i want to try and electronic but dont want a Knitmaster electronic as you need all the external pattern controllers whereas the Brothers is all in-built. Do you not like the Brother? Is that why you want a 700 again. I like my 700, i just dont like the ribber, it doesnt fir right on it. Its a SRP 60 but the auxilary brackets i have, when fitted dont allow me to knit the initial zig zag row.

  8. I was going to get a Brother KH 891 but i didn't because I figured that scince I still had the intarsia and lace cariage for it there was no point however I would like to try a brother machine so i am still not sure yet.
    i had the srp 60 and srp 50 ribber but never had that problem the only problem I found with the both ribbers is that the flat brackets kept falling off underneath. do you have that problem?
    probably the reason you can't fit the ribber onto the auxilary brackets is because the srp 60 is supposed to have it's own little metal ones that screw into the machine at both ends that hold the ribber in place my 155 does and your 155 should too if i am not mistaken my knitmaster 700 had the built in metal ones but I took them off and used the white auxilary ones because the srp50 that i had wouldn't stay into the built in ones.