Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tension swatch for sleeveless pullover

This is the tension swatch for the tuck stitch sleeveless pullover for my nephew, Susan suggested cables but I changed my mind and did tuck stitch I also changed my mind about doing it on the Bond so instead I would do it on the LK 150 as I haven't used that machine for a while but I couldn't be bothered with the manual tuck patterning so I changed my mind for the last time and knitted up this swatch on the knitmaster 155, "feww". I knitted this on tension 1 on the knitmaster 155 and punchcard no 1 the most basic one which I thought would be suitable for an almost 1 year old child. The swatch has been washed it just needs to dry and then I will take the measurements.

I knitted it this afternoon, I thought that I wouldn't have time today as there was alot of laundry to do, I wasn't going to sit and watch the washing machine while I was waiting for it to finish so I decided to set up my knitting machine.
anyway hears it is.

Talk later



  1. Looks nice Alex - i hope the patterns will be ok for you. Will be nice in tuck stitch. Im so eager to get my 155 out but as ive been doing the lessons on the 700 i have to keep stopping myself! Plus Im still yet to use attachments such as the KR7 with it, Im sure i will get round to it at somepoint.
    Congrats on the videos by the way, they're fantastic!!

  2. Thankyou phil the patterns are excelent so thankyou very much, I thought my videos got off to a slow start but ahh well lol.
    Hope the lessons are going well and good luck with them.
    thanks again