Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blanket weave stitch sweater finally finished

Right I am really sorry if you have been waiting to see the finished sweater I was waiting for buttons to sew on it and because I was knitting other things too it just got tossed to the side as most knitters probably do sometimes when they have the urge to knit something else. but I have finished the sweater now, I shall wash it and wrap it up for my nephew for his birthday.

Here it is

Talk to you later



  1. Thatis just sooo beautiful. It was worth the wait!! Sheryl

  2. Thanks sheryl I am glad it is finised I just got destracted with other projects lol

  3. love this little sweater, so cute!

  4. Thanks maureen yeah I was pleased with it too I just need to wash it and wrap it up ready for my nephew on his birthday.