Saturday, 30 July 2011

A few projects I have knitted a while ago

Today I decided to show you a few pictures of some of the projects I have done over the years which didn't get put on my blog at that time so here they are.

I made this round cushion for one of the chairs in our conservatory, I found the pattern on Bond America's website so obviously I knitted it on the Bond it is knitted using a short row technique to make it circular similar to how you make a beret/Tam. I put my own edging on it, that I found the instructions for in one of my "edgings" books, I decided to to a different one than the one suggested in the pattern because I thought the one that they used looked a bit tacky. completed in 2010.

This is called a snood it just goes around the neck to keep you warm I made this for my mum, it was knitted on the knitmaster 155 in tuck stitch with 6 stands of 1ply, I tried using a punchcard to do the patterning but it wouldn't have it, because I was using so many stands some of them decide to jump out of the hooks and form loops so I had to do the tuck stitch manually. This snood I had no pattern for so it was just trial and error until I got the right size luckily it was the correct size the second time around and all it is by the way is a flat piece of knitting grafted together to make a tube, completed in 2010.

This is a wrap I made, it was a pattern I found on Bond America, I knitted this in aran yarn the wrap is made up of sections of stocking stitch and tuck lace stitch, I did single crochet around the wrap twice like suggested in the pattern but it didn't have to much of an effect as you can see from the picture it still wants to curl up slightly but I really like how it came out, this was completed in 2010.

This was my attempt at knitting a traditional Irish style aran sweater, it was knitted in aran obviously and I made it on the lk150, it has four basic 6 stitch cables on the front, two each side and a 13 stitch cable up the center of the front I think it is called a wishbone cable but I could be wrong.The sleeves have three basic 6 stitch cables running up them and the back is plain, this was completed in 2008. this was always a bit big for me but I was really pleased with it when I finished it.

This is another wrap I made for my mum in aran yarn and I knitted this on the Bond, I had no pattern for this either I just made it up as I went along and because I used a variegating yarn it makes a nice fair isle looking pattern so it is just stocking stitch with rib on the bottom and a little up the sides to stop the curling. This was completed in around 2009.

This is Diana's zig zag scarf pattern that I made for my mum and yes I like to make lots of things for her as well as my self lol, the only thing that is different from the one I made is that it is wider than the one Diana made and that is because my mum prefers it that way. I knitted this on the knitmaster 700 and srp60N ribber and I used 4 strands of 1 ply throughout. This was completed in 2010.

Talk to you later



  1. You've made some nice things there, Alex.
    I like the jumper with all the cables, I bet that took a while to do.

  2. Thanks susan Yeah the sweater front took me about 3 days to complete so it wasn't the quickest jumper to make but it was worth the effort.

  3. Hi Alex, I just read that you were kind enuff to send some brackets to a fellow machine knitter for her ribber. I have to say that you have confirmed my suspicions that you are just an all around nice guy. Good for you. Sheryl

  4. Thanks sheryl I do try to be, you seem very nice aswell.

  5. I really have so much to learn but looking at your work and others gives me the inspiration to try different things. I have never knitted anything in tuck stitch, even all those years ago so I am going to give it a try soon. Great knitting Alex.

  6. Thanks so much maureen my goal is to try and inspire people or just give them ideas, I hope your knitting projects are going well and by the way if you didn't know I am following your blog too.