Friday, 26 August 2011

Two colour fair isle sweater finished

I have finally got this jumper finished and I am so glad it is done, the reason it has taken me so long to finish is because after knitting the whole jumper once then start sewing it up to find out that it was very difficult and then ripping it out and re knitting the jumper again I was so annoyed that I was getting bored of finishing it but i told myself I will get this jumper finished and I did, I think it looks quite nice I would of preferred the original fair isle pattern but ahh well, never mind.

Someone asked me I can't remember who it was? to show a picture of one of the finished seams because I had sewn this whole sweater on the machine, which is something I had never done before.
I think it looks ok it is pretty much invisible but if you pull it apart you can see where it was but I think it looks good, here is a picture of one of the finished seams and as you can see it is hard to see, if you look where my thumb is at the bottom of the ribbing and you follow it straight up that is the seam.

Talk to you later