Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Extending an older Bond knitting machine

Today I made a video for phil and others that may find this video useful on how to attach an extension kit to an older Bond knitting machine as it is different compared to the newer incredible sweater machines and ultimate sweater machines, on the older Bond models you have to remove the metal rod before you can snap the bed sections together, the older machines came in one peice unlike the newer ones that come in two 50 needle bed sections, with the newer machines you just snap the extension kit in the middle and no need to removeany rods.

you can also utilise this video if you need to replace any damaged bed sections on your Bond, if bed section(s) need(s) to be replaced you will need to remove the whole rod rather than just pulling it out slightly for adding extensions, when the rod is removed completely you will be able to access all eigh sections easily.

So I hope some Bond owners out there who have an older machine like my self will find this video useful.

Talk to you later


  1. Thank you!! This is brill Alex you are great :-)

  2. Thanks Phil, it's my pleasure.

  3. i was able to expand my machine, however the issue im having is that now it does not run as smoothly anymore. the extension is new and i think still too tight. did you have any issues