Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sweater almost finished

This two colour fair isle sweater is almost done it just needs the sleeve seams sewing up and then all the ends weaving in, the pattern was for a double band collar but I decided I would do a polo/turtle neck because I have only done one sweater with a polo neck before so I wanted another.

After the nightmare last time of sewing it up in mattress stitch, the entire sweater is being sewn up on the machine so I just hung the end loops on the needles knitted a row and cast off, I am really pleased with the seams this time around than on the raglan jumper last time.

There was a slight problem with one of the yarn ends hanging from one of the sleeves, some how it got sucked in a desk fan and snapped it off, I felt like screaming at the time but I managed to Catch it straight away with a separate strand of yarn, fewww.

I will post a picture when the sweater is complete.

Talk to you later


  1. Just seen this post, not sure why it didn't show up before. It's looking good Alex. Love the polo neck.

    Sound's like you have the same type of disasters as I do. Great job on catching it and saving it.

    Looking forward to seeing it all done.

    Didn't know you could do seams like that, will have to try it. Will you post a picture of a done seam please?

    Love reading these blogs and getting ideas!

  2. Thanks Maureen, I do tend to have unexpected mishaps when machine knitting lol sh** happens I suppose, and yes you can do seams on the machine it is similar to using a hauge linker, I notice you have the 700 machine there is a sc3 linker available that should fit the 700 and it is a carriage that binds off your knitting, but you can also use it to sew garments together of link them together (hence the name) on the machine.
    I will happily post a picture of a finished seam.