Friday, 26 August 2011

A standard at last

Today I won an auction on eBay for a Knitmaster 360 after I sold my knitmaster 700 last year for a brother 891 standard gauge machine but the more I thought about it I had never used a brother machine before, yeah sure I could learn but I like to stay familiar lol, I was going to purchase another knitmaster 700 however I remebered that I never really liked the kr7 knit radar that was built in I don't know why But I just preferred the kr6 so that is the reason I bought the 360 but another factor is that I have a lot of kr6 patterns that I can therefore use with the 360 an wouldn't of been able to with the 700.

If you are not familiar with the knitmaster 360 it is very similar to the knitmaster 700 apart from like I said the knitradar, the 700 has a built in kr7 and the 360 has the built in kr6, the 700 has a "mastergulide" carriage unlike the 360 which I never really saw a point to because the knitmaster 321 I had a few years back, the carriage always seamed as easy to push on that machine as it was on the 700 and the "mastergulide" carriage doesn't seam any quieter than the normal one either, they both have a built in accessorie box and a row counter however the 360 has an extra addition of a tool storage section for you to stand your hand tools in while you are temporarily not using them, the 700 and 360 both do single motif with the"magic cams".
so to sum up the only thing that is different about the 360 to the 700 is that it has a built in kr6 and not a kr7 and it doesn't have the mastergulide carriage like the 700 does.

I won this machine on it's own without a ribber for £27.60 so obviously I am now on the look out for an srp50 ribber because, yes I sold that with my 700 at the time, grrr more money to have to spend but no way am I fighting with the latch tool or messing about with mock ribs lol.
I am colleting it at some point tommorow so I will post pictures ASAP

Talk to you later



  1. wow, what a deal! I paid $450 for my SK700 and SRP ribber. They are in fabulous condition though but 27.60 UKP. Wow is all that's going through my head!

  2. It is a real bargin I suppose and so was yours really, with a ribber too, I had to buy a new sponge bar for it because it was as flat as a pancake lol and that was another £20 ontop but still relitivly cheap for a machine that would normally cost about £700 brand new on it's own :O I am not sure how much they are new in the U.S.A but it will be expensive.