Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Ribber For The Standard Machines

The ribber came today, I was surprised it came so soon as I only won the auction on Monday, however it was only coming from york in Yorkshire. When the seller said "new" I think she meant used a couple of times because after looking at the ribber bed it has fluff in between the needle channels, despite the 'probably' little use it does look brand new, there are no jam marks on the needle bed and there are no chips, dents or scratches to the ribber it's self, so I am very pleased with it, here are some photos.
It even came with ribber covers which I really like and didn't want to have to purchase them separately, one of the covers did have a little cracked hole in it but I fixed that up with a piece of gaffer tape on each side, so that's why that's there.

I would of set this ribber up today but didn't because unfortunately the right auxiliary piece had a crack all the way threw one side of it, grrrr, just typical that, isn't it? any way I will ask my dad if he can glue it with some of that really Strong araldite glue, it drys almost instantly. Hopefully I will have it set up and be able to use it tomorrow, when the glue has totally hardened.
I quickly took a picture of the accessories page of the ribber instruction book, as you can see this is everything that should come with it. The things that were missing were: the hanger combs that you attach the small edge weights on, the pucnchcards, the close knit bar, double ended bodkin, spare needles, a ribber clamp, the P carriage and P presser, one side hanger, the screw driver thing and the picker tool, the seller said all that was missing was a side hanger and a clamp, hmmmmm, I beg to differ, don't you?

Fortunately, I have had an srp 50 and srp 60N ribber in the past when I had my 700, it came with two ribbers, don't know why, but I sold the srp50 with the 700 in 2010 and I stripped down the srp60N and kept most things for spares but threw the needle bed down the tip. Everything you see in the picture bellow came with the srp 60N, apart from the clamp, that came with my sr 155, however it is a standard gauge ribber clamp. It is amazing what fate tells you to keep, because you may need it at some point in the future, and I did! so I am really pleased I didn't either sell it or throw it away. The srp50 I had with the 700 didn't have the hanger combs in the set so I had to take those out of the srp60N kit and put it with the ribber so it was complete to sell. Obviously now I don't have a spare set, ahh well never mind, if I need them I will buy a pair, along with a close knit bar that came with non of the ribbers I had.

In addition, the seller must of noticed other things were missing and probably just thew these tools in to compensate for it, lol. There is a needle pusher, two transfer tools, a small crotchet hook, a latch tool, a brush wheel thing - probably off the bottom of a sinker plate and low and behold, the double claw weights, I have been looking out for some of these for ages but didn't want to pay the silly prices they go for on eBay, so I am really glad these are with it, I don't know if any of you have seen these before?

Talk to you later,


  1. It looks great Alex - look how white it is!!!!

  2. Thanks Phil, yeah it is lovely and white even the end caps, you can't see those though because they are under the Polystyrene end pieces, that was another reason why I wanted this one, I hate machines that are all yellowed, they just feel grubby to me and not as pleasurable to use, but I guess that’s just me.