Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pile Knitting On The 360

Hello again every one, I believe it has been a number of weeks since I had posted, about three weeks I think, so I am sorry about that, I just hadn't been blogging much, busy with other things, never the less I am back and hopefully have a few posts to come.

When I got my ribber and had glued that auxiliary piece I set the it up the first chance I got, I made a few rib samples to get familiar again and then I went straight into a little project. I decided to make a bath mat in the pile knitting so I just pulled out a number of needles on both beds that I thought would be an appropriate size (didn't swatch at all as it was just a rectangle) then I set up as for the pile knitting and went straight into it and knitted the number of rows I felt was suitable.

I had only done a small swatch of pile knitting in the past on say about 60 needles and going from that to attempting it over 160 needles for a few hundred rows was kind of like watching paint dry, however I think it was worth the effort in the end.

Here was the finished result.

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern, as you can see the loops form on what is the purl side creating the "pile" texture. I was considering the cut pile knit fabric, but from reading the instructions on how to do it, it didn't seam like a very good idea to me.

This is a close up of the edging I put around it, it is called a rope edge crated by picking up three stitches from the side of the knitting then knitting twenty rows and then pick up the next edge three stitches and knitting a further twenty rows, you continue this until you get all the way around, then when it is off the machine you lay it on the floor and choose a place to start, then you pass the second loop threw the first, the third threw the second, the fourth threw the third and so on all the way around and then just tack it down at the end.

I didn't have to thin yarns the same colour for the bath mat so I just used two strand of two ply in red and green so as you can see it has a kind of grainy affect on the back of the two colours, however it didn't show as two colours on the pile side which I was very happy about, I was going to use a thicker yarn for the edging but I figured why not just use the two strands that I used for the mat it's self? so I just knitted the edging in the two colours and I like the sort of variegated look I gives. This bath mat is not totally usable yet, I need to put some silicone on the wrong side or some sort of rubber backing so it doesn't slip around on the bathroom floor.

I also decided to knit these circular socks, it is Diana's circular sock pattern, they turned out very nice in the lemon coloured yarn, and as you can see from the bottom picture I had sewn the cuff seam from the knit side or right side because I wanted the long cuff to keep my legs warm, I personally don't like to fold the cuff back, other might do but to be honest I think it is down to personal preference.

Talk to you later,


  1. You've been busy. That's a great idea for the bathmat and the socks are lovely.

    I've been a bit off the knitting since Christmas. Everyone is being so busy with theirs.

    I have three more scarves to make for belated Christmas presents then I want to start on something for my husband on the Knitsmart machine I bought last year.

    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me.

  2. Thank you ver much Maureen, I also had been a bit off the knitting lately, don't know why, that explains the lack of posts from me, lol.

    Hope you get the scarves fishied soon, and I am glad to be an inspiration, that makes me feel good, thankyou!

  3. I think that the mat is brilliant. I had a look in my ribber manual and see what you meant by 'it's like watching paint dry'. It's another technique that I am putting on my 'to do' list.