Monday, 2 January 2012

Another ribber!

For the last four days I had been watching an srp50 ribber on eBay, to go along with my 360 and 326. I won the auction today for £77 with £10 postage, so it wasn't to bad, the seller said that the ribber was brand new and never used, however it was missing a clamp and a side hanger, not to worry though as I have a standard gauge ribber clamp that came with my sr 155 ribber, for whatever the reason. The missing side hanger, well, I never use those things anyway, in my experience I have never had problems on the ribber before with edge stitches, unless I am doing an unusual needle arrangement.

I am so glad I have got a ribber for the standard machine, I have heard other machine knitters say in the past that there are lots of things you can do just on the flatbed, without a ribber, although that may be true to a degree, when I don't have a ribber for my machine I feel so limited on what stitches to knit, that may just be me, I don't know if anyone else feels that there machines are a bit incomplete without a ribber?

Well I will post photos when it arrives, which should be Thursday according to the seller, It does have it's original packing box which is to be expected after the seller listing it as brand new, but we'll see anyway.

Talk to you later


  1. Great buy Alex. Look forward to photos. I was in California for 10 days over Christmas but came back with a nasty virus thing that had me laid up for a few days. Just beginning to feel better. Will blog about my Christmas knitting soon. Have some nice photos to put up.

    Happy New Year and hope it will be a great one for you.

  2. Well done! Glad you got a ribber now for both of them! No more latching again. Plus you can do some nice tucked ribs or some racking patterns. Looking forward to pics.

  3. I am so sorry Maureen to here you were ill after christmas, what a bad time to get porely, but at least it was when you came back, I bet it was probably climate change as california is quite hot even at christmas, glad to here your feeling better and will look forward to seeing what you have been knitting.

    I was so glad I won it, I was against a newbe eBayer so I had a better chance of winning :P and I did win obviously lol.
    I won't forget to post photos when it arrives.