Friday, 3 June 2011

new jumper started

Sorry there has been no posts for a while but I had gone off knitting for a couple of weeks for what ever the reason but I'm back now.Today I made a trip down to my local wool shop and I bought some kingcole comfort chunky. I purchased 300g of it which was sufficient for the child's sweater I'm making it's a basket weave design done on the 155 as I don't have a ribber it is done entirely with the latch tool but thinking about it you would probably spend just as long transferring the stitches to the ribber and vise versa. The pattern is from a machine knitting monthly magazine and I am making it for my nephew to fit him at Christmas. As well as shopping today I've been working on the back of the sweater today, I'll put up a picture of the back tomorrow.

This is what the finished sweater is supposed to look like, it's the one in the middle in the solid creme colour.

Talk later


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