Sunday, 5 June 2011

All sewn up

I have been working on this sweater all morning I have knitted the collar and sewn up all the raglan seams and side seams as you can see from the picture, all that's left to do now is weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, the buttons I am using are the ones I used for the hand knit sweater.
when it's finished I will put up a picture of the finished sweater.

I think it is looking really good, by the way sorry about Henry being in the way I should of moved him.

Talk later



  1. thanks sheryl I wasn't so sure when i first started it but the hard work has really paid off.

  2. That is certainly turning out to be a cute sweater!
    Well done - I will be looking forward to seeing the finished version :D

  3. Thanks Jemajo I'll probably get it all finished by tomorrow but we'll see.

  4. Wow, looks good! That looks like it was a lot of work!

  5. Thank you, It wasn't to much but I wouldn't atempt this on an adults sweater because I would get board.