Sunday, 6 February 2011


Today I decided to set up my lk150 and knit some intarsia using the ag10 intarsia carriage that my mum got me for Christmas last year. It is a knitmaster ag10 and my lk150 is a silver reed but that doesn't maatter. In this sample I used 2 colours, 2 balls of pink and 2 balls of blue and then cast on 60 stitches and knitted a few rows then I did each colour over 15 stitches (alternating them) and knitted 15 rows then I switched them around and knitted another 15 rows (Ie. knitted the pink blue and the blue pink) it really is more simple that it sounds.

anyway here is what I have knitted

heres the purl side and I used cheryl brunette's technique
on weaving in the ends as you go

talk later


  1. Looks great Alex. I will be having a go at some intarsia soon as i bought an ag30 for my knitmaster 155.
    So was it you that bought that sr155 ribber? lol i noticed it on ebay. I thought about bidding for it but then i told myself ide only just bought the intarsia carriage for it, so i will use that for a bit before i buy a ribber.

  2. lol no i have given up i have been looking for one since 2009 even when one pops up on ebay it goes way up past what i would want to pay for it may be there will be the right one for you and me one day.

  3. Ye i suppose. We will both get one one day. I dont get why the ribbers are much harder to come by. Its the same with my Knitmaster 302 - i want to get the ribber for that yet its like searching for a needle in a haystack. Its like they made hundreds of the knitting machines but only a handful of the ribbers. One day i will get my turn. hat projects you got on the go at the moment then? Ive still got my 155 up been making some chunky sweaters from a Kids Knitmaster book i have as i got given over 1kg of cream chunky pure wool, which i cant argue with.

  4. can you do a video on how you did the intarsia with the intarsia carriage or even show pics how you do it i own a lk150 with the intarsia carriage