Monday, 21 February 2011

Hand knit baby jacket finished

I know its a huge step from the last update but I thought I would just sew it all up and then picture it because yesterday I was sewing in the second sleeve and I thought oh know I haven't took a picture of the sleeves but oh well heres the finished jacket for my nephew it won't fit him yet but I made it bigger on purpose so he can grow into it it is 12-18 months.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I think I will knit somthing else to match because I have got a ball left but i'm not sure what.

talk later



  1. Hi Alex

    Well done it looks lovely - well done for perservering with it as it being hand knit lol
    Im going to pick your brains, i need to renew the sponge bar in my 155, but dont want to buy a new one. I saw your post a while back about you doing your bar in the 155 with weather stripping. How do you do it? What type of stripping do you use and where do you get it? Ive seen some thats 10mm wide and 6mm thick - is that thick enough??? HELP!!!!!! lol

  2. i got my weather stripping from B&Q it was stormguard extra thick in density and it is just over 1 centemeter wide when i got it home it was sticky on the back but it wouldn't fit in the retainer bar width ways so i had to put it in sideways and stick it down with some PVA glue but i then had the problem of it being sticky on the side so i dusted it with some talcum powder so it would no longer be sticky, or you could try cutting it down. then i used some double sided sticky tape and stuck some ribbon on to it so it would slide in the machine easily but remember to pinch it down tightly at each end when you stick the ribbon on.

    if you do choose the method i did then i would advise you to get just thick density foam and not extra thick because the extra thick made the needles a little stiff in the channels.

  3. Thanks for that Alex will give it a go