Thursday, 10 February 2011

Baby jacket update and knitmaster 155 intarsia carriage

Today I have managed to get a picture of my baby jacket. since the picture I uploaded previously I have knitted the rest of the left front and the right front now i just need to knit the sleeves. gosh doesn't hand knitting take ages. lol
here it is

when Phil was talking about the ag 30 intarsia carriage for the 155 I remembered I bought one a couple of years ago and I found it in my drawer that was probably the second time I took it out of the box I haven't used it yet but I will probably have a play around with it at the weekend.
I installed it on the machine but I'm not sure what the little white plastic things are for.

talk later


  1. Hey Alex the clips are the fabric grips/pressers that you put at the edge stitchesto held the stitches move back behind the latched when the carriage crosses.

  2. so do they act sort of like claw weights

  3. They stabalise the edge stitches.

  4. Love your jacket and very impressed with the intarsia knitting!
    I have those edge stitch stabilizers as well but have never seen the need for them as I just put in the fine knit bar on the main bed instead. They are supposed to tuck right under the needle just as the fine knit bar does.
    Have you tried them yet?

  5. No I havn't I have only used the ag 30 a couple of times on samples maybe I will use them next time I use it. we'll see