Saturday, 15 January 2011

whats next

for my nephew Im going to make this jacket in king cole chunky I found it in a machine knitting monthly mag. My sister has bought the wool for it so I'll be making that first it suppost to be for a chunky machine e.g knitmaster 155 but you need a ribber so I,ll probably do that on the bond ribber.

Funnily enough i found this in the same magazine so I.ll be making this for my other sister she going to provide the wool to but she said she will waite until she next get's paid so that may have towaite a bit this one but heres the pictue for this one.

so what do you think.

talk later Alex


  1. Hi Alex

    Nice to see you have got some projects lined up. Is that a hand knit pattern you are going to adapt for the 155? Does the SR150 ribber not fit too?
    Ive been making a herringbone vest on my 155 these past few days, which is knitting up really nice.

  2. thats sounds good. I have seen a sr155 ribber set up on a knitmaster 151 so i don't see why the 150 ribber wouldn't fit the 155.

    I got the patterns out of machine knitting monthly mags but the pictures i put on my blog were just off the internet but it is exactly the same picture but these are the covers for the original hand knit versions.