Friday, 21 January 2011

Bond Ribber

This is the machine I won on eBay last week

 This is the Bond

This is the Bond and ribber
If any one is wondering why I bought another one I dropped the classic on the floor and the hole needle bed cracked so i saw this on eBay and i couldn't resist, it was filthy when I got it and I mean filthy but as you can see it's nice and clean now. (please excuse the mess)
Talk later


  1. Looks good Alex. I am considering getting a Bond sometime soon. They seem a very versatile machine, and having seen both you and Susan use them i am quite tempted to invest in one. My mum also had one many years ago, so would be nice to get one again, and maybe get her back into machine knitting. Ive also been watching the new Cheryl Brunette Bond videos on YouTube, which are great! Have you been watching them? Im looking forward to her uploading the colour on the bond videos.

  2. yes I have (meet your bond)although I love using other machines I would probably say that the bond is my favourite I just love its versatility and its so easy to use. I think you will love one and remember it gives you the true hand knit look. I think you would love one

  3. Have you contacted bond about your cracked bed, they might be able to send just the piece that broke. (it comes apart into 8 sections I think.
    Cynthia O>

  4. that does sound like a good idea but i don't think they would as i live in the uk and bonds are no longer produced in england

  5. HI! I was wondering, how much did you purchase your bond ribber? Did it come with the knitting machine?

  6. yes it did with postage altogeter it cost £76

    I thought I got a bargin but it was filthy, as you can see from the pictures it is nice and clean now.

  7. I want a bond ribber!

  8. Hi, I was wondering if you could please help me. I have got bond machine and I want to buy the ribber as well. there is one on ebay at the moment. But i am not sure if its going to fit it. Did they done only one classic bond wiht one ribber attachement of is there more? could you please let me know to my email?

    Thank you very much


  9. I have a Bond Ribber, still in its box, with manual and etc, never been used. I need to sell it..I wouldn't even know how much to sell it for.. any thoughts?

    1. my partner said he buy it £25 but will go up if nessersay