Saturday, 15 January 2011

An update

last week I decided to renew the sponge bar in my knitmaster 155, it needed doing for a while now so I got some weather stripping that you put around windows and doors. I stuck that in the metal and put some ribbon on top and slid it back into the machine now it works like a dream.

This evening i won a Bond and ribber of eBay for £43 witch I thought was a reasonable price the only thing I could see was missing was the spacer for the ribber I may be able to make one. But we'll see when it arrives.
The reason I wanted it was because I'm sick of waiting for an sr155 ribber to come up so I saw this and I couldn't resist.

I'm still looking for a brother 891 standard gauge machine but I don't think i'll be bidding on one any time soon but who knows.

I still havn't finished that purple cardigan for my mum I am having trouble sewing it up but I will try and get it finished.

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