Friday, 6 September 2013

Update And Something For Maureen

I have now got all the yarn wound into balls and lots of them! So the Sweater is...No more.

I have just knitted the tension swatch in the Fisherman's/English rib that the Sleeveless V - neck pullover will be made in, I have the Knitware pattern made up now and I shall hopefully be starting it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I think it was, one of my followers, Maureen, asked me a question - Where did you get the pattern for the raglan aran sweater for the Bond? She kindly asked if I would scan it in but I don't have a scanner, well, I tell a lie, I do, but I have no clue on how you set it up, so I took very close up photo's of both pages for the pattern...I can read it ok, but I hope you can and anyone else interested.
If you or anyone are wondering, the pattern is out of the early 80's Bond basic pattern book, and the patterns in it are VERY basic, although, very easy! Hope this helps.

Page 1:
 Page 2:
Page 3:
I do hope you can read them, if not and you need them a bit larger you can click on the photo and it will enlarge, failing that, you can save them to your pictures on your computer and then zoom in and should be nice and clear.
Talk to you later,


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I saved the pictures and printed them up full page and they came out perfectly.
    For me basic is good. This will be my first venture on my Knitsmart.
    It is 8mm, not quite a bulky. What mm are the Bond and Ultimate sweater machine? Are they 8mm or 9mm?
    I plan to use a light bulky yarn, #5,which is the thickest it will take. My husband is bigger than a 44" but I think using the 44" size with the thicker yarn and a bigger keyplate will work out perfectly for him.

    1. Your most welcome Maureen, I am glad to help.
      The blue (original) Bond, Bond Classic, Bond Classic Plus, Bond Incredible Sweater Machine and Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine are all 8mm chunky machine, well I guess they would be chunky as a metal bed chunky is 9mm, is it enough to make a difference? Who knows, lol! The only Bond to my knowledge that wasn't 8mm is the Bond Elite which was 7mm, I believe.
      You know what Maureen, go for it, I have done that with sport/double knitting patterns before, used aran and a bigger keyplate size, funnily enough I have never done that on my metal bed machines, with that said, the Bond is very forgiving!


  2. Thank You Alex
    I really wanted the pattern but didn't think to ask you to post it. And thanks Maureen for asking


    1. Hi Monique, you could of asked, I won't bite! Haha, your welcome anyways, glad it helped.