Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My "New" BOND Incredible Sweater Machine!

Yesterday evening I went to collect this Incredible Sweater Machine from a wonderful seller on eBay.
I from looking at the picture on the eBay listing of the machine, it made the whole thing look a bit mediocre, so was not sure what to expect when I received it.
She opened the box and told me everything was there on the parts list, so I paid her the money and off I went.
When I got it hope and had a real good look at the machine it was like brand new, very little signs of use, in fact, the tools in the accessories box were still in there little plastic packets!

Well, I won't keep ranting about it, I will show you the pictures as I am sure you are looking forward to seeing what it looks like, so here they are.

As you can see here is the front of the box.

Here is inside the box, by the way, I had cleaned it and put it all back how it should of been, as it was not in the box correctly when I first opened it.

Inside the accessories box, again, I rearranged this box to how it should be, notice the original plastic bags for the keyplates and tools!

 Here is the machine set up.

 I show it a bit closer up, here you see the left.

                                                    Now the right side.

 Here is all the original paper work, I will make this picture bigger than the others so you can see what they are a little better. Notice the original warranty card!!

Well there it is anyway, Hope to do a few projects on it very soon, well, when I have finished Oskars hooded jacket.

Talk to you later,


  1. Good luck! Make sure the bed sections are as level as you can get them, and I think you can wax the keyplates with a plain candle to make it move better. I never got the hang of the machine and gave up (possibly a bit too easily).

  2. Thanks Jane, sorry it has been so long since I had got back to you! I have had a few problems with the Bond in the past but I have full confidence in it now :)
    I always have my Bond set up on a flat table top and keep the keyplates lubricated.

  3. hello
    how can I use plastic keyplates of ultimate sweater machine?

    1. Hi, I am not quite sure what you mean?
      The Keyplates fit into the carriage under to little pips in the back and they should sit flush, they number faces up.
      The new "green Keyplates" have a double sides 2 and 3 so in that case you can use either side but on Keyplate 1 and 4, the number must face up.

      Hope this helps,

  4. How do i go about ordering the clamps that hold the machine to the table?

  5. How do i go about ordering the clamps that hold the machine to the table?