Friday, 19 October 2012

Back Is Finished

The back is now done after a week, I have started on the left front now so should have that finished soon.

Talk to you later,


  1. Nice work Alex. Good thing about handknitting is that as long as you've finished a row you can leave it and pick it back up again as you please and sit in your favourite chair to do it! It does take a lot longer though.

    Looking forward to seeing more when it's done.

  2. Thanks Maureen,
    Yh that is nice beeing able to sit in a nice comfy chair whil watching your faveourite T.V show without the crr, crr, crr of the knitting machine while trying to watch T.V, lol.
    It is so time consuming though, that's for sure...

  3. Looks great! Now to make it on a machine! Knit on.

  4. Thanks Tom, gosh I wish I was making it on the machine!
    I started knitting the left from and had done the ribbing and 8 rows of the pattern, I have not been as motivated this week as I was last week.
    I am going to carry on this evening though, I think.