Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hi everyone, I have not posted on here for a couple of months, simply because I haven’t had much time too, however I do have some updates.
The fisherman’s rib baby blanket that I said I was making about a month ago, I have now finished and just needs to be pictured for the blog.

It is my nephew’s 2nd birthday on August 13th so I am going to wrap the blanket up for him along with some other things I have been making him also.
I found some of that hairy, fury yarn in my stash, there are about four balls of it, and it is a nice cream colour. I have made him a scarf with that yarn up to now, I do plan on making some mittens and a hat to go with it, which will be nice because the colder months will be coming up again soon, thank god!!

When that is all out the way, I think I will start on another sweater for my self, for when winter comes, I don't have much yarn in my stash for a big project like that, so may need to do some yarn shopping. I have no idea what the sweater will be like, so I am going to look through some pattern books tonight, or maybe I will design it on knitware, not sure though yet, but I think I will be knitting it on the standard machine.

Anyway that is pretty much it for now so I will leave it at that.

Talk to you later,

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