Monday, 30 July 2012

Trying Out A New Tuck Stitch Pattern

I was just having a browse threw Toms blog (Tom The Knitting Machine Guy) and I found this lovely tuck stitch pattern, he also posted a picture of the chart for the design, so I was able to punch out a card, however, since I didn't have any 24 stitch cards, and that is how wide the pattern was, (24 stitch and 12 row repeat) I looked at the chart and counted 12 stiches accross, if the pattern was the same on the other half of 12 stitches, I would be able to punch it out on a 12 stitch punch card to use on my Knitmaste 155 chunky machine, luckily, it was.

I punched the card out immediately, because it is such a beautiful tuck pattern, like Tom said, it really is the perfect tuck stitch.
I knitted a sample of the pattern on the 155 and here is how it looks, it is quite pretty, I think.

Thanks Tom, for the chart!

Talk to you later,

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  1. You are very welcome Alex! Here is the link to my blog and pattern I posted: