Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tuck stitch cardigan on the 155


ok here is something i have been knitting for a week or two now it's a tuck stitch cardigan for my mother knitted on the 155 in some cheap aran acrylic yarn.

I saw Phils's post on his knitmaster 155 that he just recieved and it motivated me into using mine.

I knitted it on tention 7 for the body and tention 6 for the rib which i had to do with the latch tool, OMG.

But anyway here it is

With this cardigan being tuck stitch it has been a pig to sew up. All the peices are knitted so all that is left to do is sew up the seams insert the button band and weave in the ends. It is raglan shaping, For some reason i think that the sleves come up really high pointing in a diagonal
or maybe it's just me. What do you think?

Here's a close up of the tuck pattern. I found it in a machine knitting monthly
magazine for a 24 stitch punchcard so i did half of that to make it fit on a 12 stitch card
for my 155.

talk later



  1. Looks good Alex, nice to know i inspired you to get your 155 out. You look like yu have knitted more than me since though, ive still not got the front done, ive done another sleeve for the jumper though. I know how you feel re the ribbing - i hate doing latch rib too, takes too long!!!
    Im looking out for a mid gauge machine next, i dont know whether to save up and buy a brand new Silver Reed LK150 or look for a Knitmaster MK70 or HK160 - probably the latter two as they have punch cards.

  2. lol, I have an lk150 i bought that brand new from cooper sewing machines back in 2008 it was on sale at the time for £189.99 and now it's about £325 what a bargin. It is a great machine but obviously it has now automatic patterning but i'm not botherd. I here that those MK70's are good machines though.