Thursday, 9 December 2010

Diana's tam and slippers


This week i saw Diana's latest video on the tam that she knitted on the usm i knitted mine on the bond classic. I quickly finished that it was so easy. Then i looked through her videos and i saw a pattern for slippers on the chunky machine, i couldn't be botherd setting up my 155 again so i made that on the bond too.

Anyway here thay are

Thats the tam knitted on keyplate 2 for rib and keyplate 3 for the triangles

the slippers.

I used keyplate 3 for the main colour and keylate 2.5 for lining which is the purple.
and as you can see like diana said it's a 'slipper inside a slipper'.

talk later



  1. What weight of yarn did you use for the slippers? The look very nice.

  2. Hi Ruby, the weight of yarn is aran (worsted)

  3. Great Tam and slippers. I'm going to try tomorrow.