Friday, 21 March 2014

Well, It Has Been A While!

Hello again everyone I am still here, if you haven't forgotten about me, although I couldn't blame you if you had, lol.
I am very busy at the moment with college (still!!) and work. But I have been reading the blogs I follow, I just hadn't been on mine, It is quite difficult as I STILL have no computer, I have been saving, so will hopefully be able to buy one in a month or two.
I got chance to do a bit of knitting today before work, as I noticed Susan had uploaded a couple of videos which were lace patters on the bond. So I got my Bond out today and had a go and here is what I came out with.

Talk to you later,


  1. Hi wondered where you had got to.Look forward to seeing what you have been knitting. Kindest regards Anne

    1. Thanks Disaldo, I have just started hand knitting a cabled babay hoody, so I will get some pictures up soon.

  2. Hi Alex could you help me with my SK360 Knitmaster I am not sure how to set the carriage for partial knitting...and the operation manual is not very helpful..thanks

  3. your blog is very interesting to me as I am fond of machine knitting too, I will be glad to see you on pages of my posts