Thursday, 7 June 2012

Time For A New Colour And Layout, Don't You Think?

I am going to be having a play around with different backgrounds and text colours here on my blog because I think it is about time for a new colour, I am getting bored of the constant blue, lol.
So if you click on my blog and you see different colours popping up then that is why.
I am also putting in some "gadgets" because I notice some of the other blogs I follow have some links and verious things in the side bar so I decided to give it a go and do that to mine.

Talk to you later,


  1. I'd change the colour of the text on your knitted logo - it's quite hard to read. Also I'd be tempted to make it wider and shorter (ie all on one line) but that's just my personal preference - it wastes a lot of space at the top otherwise :)

    BUT my eyesight isn't 100% and I do have a very wide monitor so it might look different on a smaller one :)

  2. Thanks Jane, I didn't think of the text, yes I see what u meen it is hard to read even for me, it kinda blends in with the cream stocking stitch background, I will have a experement with a similar bolder colour unless you have a colour suggestion that you think will look good and I will try it?
    Also I really wanted it wider, shorter and all on one line but I couldn't figure out how to do it, could you help me please?