Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Where on gods earth have I been?!

I am sorry about not posting since the 25th January, I have been lacking in inspiration to knit unfortunately, but I feel I am ready to rock and roll again, so to speak.
I am also running low on yarn to make large projects with which I most enjoy, so it looks like I am going to have to knit up some quick fun items with yarn I have left and start some yarn shopping!
I do however have a cone and a few balls of UK 4ply that I could make into a cardigan or sweater for either my self or someone in the family.
I did start a intarsia striped blanket a couple of weeks ago but scraped it because I ran out of yarn, to my supprise, thinking I had enough to complete the project, lol, never mind.
I am thinking of knitting some vest tops for the summer or maybe a large knit woven blanket for the summer day pick nicks, not sure yet, if you have suggestions on what I could make for the summer months feel free to post in the comments.
I have been on blogger for a number of weeks so there are lots of my followers updates which I need to catch up on and fast!

well that is my update for now, I hope everyone is well and are getting on well with their knitting projects.

Talk to you later,


  1. Hello, my name is Carlos and I'm from Barcelona, I love to knit but I don't know much about it, just a few basic things. I get a Silver Lk-150 two months a go and I'm learnig by my self help by guide's book, improvising, and watching videos on youtube. Are you the one who upload videos on youtube on tesweaterfactory's canal? I just discovered your blog and it's fantastic, I'm very glad to bump whith it. I hope I can learn with you more thing about knitting machines. Have a nice day and good luck Alex

  2. Thankyou Carlos, and yes I am on youtube under the name the sweaterfactory.
    I assumed you found the link to it on my channel, and I am sure you will pick up machine knitting very quickly, the LK 150 is such a fun machine, I have always liked mine.

    Happy knitting


  3. Thank you Alex and happy knitting