Sunday, 26 September 2010

First post in ages

Hi again I havn't posted anything in ages, I just havn't got round to it. Im hoping to get some more posts done in the next couple of months and i'm hoping to put some pictures up too, I'll have to get the camera out again i'v got new machines and new sweaters I would like to show you so anyway wish me luck.

Talk later


  1. Hi Alex, are you the Alex that follows Susan's blog too? Being another guy machine knitter, and the fact we live in the same area i thought i would say hi! Hope your knitting projects are going well! Phil

  2. Hi phil yes i am the alex following susans blog.
    i have just checked out your blog updates i see you have the knitmaster 155 good luck with it. I have one as well but i hardly ever use it i am to attached to my bond. LoL

  3. Hi Alex yes just bought the 155 for a bargain!!! And its in great condition. I havent got a bond but my mum used to have one. Everyone seems to have them!!! U wil have to post some things of what you are knitting, im making an extra effort to keep up with my blog.